IshRaRu: The Revenge Of Seven Years (Finally A Happy Family) Chapter 4


Ishita opens her eyes and looks at her. Ruhi happily cries.
Ruhi: ishi maa
Ishita says something but it was just a whisper so Ruhi bends down a little to hear.
Ishita: who r u?
Ishani comes there and sees Ishita woke up, she goes and calls everyone. Ishita sees her.
Ishita: Ruhi
She smiles.
Ruhi: yes I m Ruhi
Ishita: no she was Ruhi.

Ishani comes with everyone and they all smile, she goes on the bed and Ishita holds her face.
Ishita: Ruhi, Ishi maa missed u a lot, now she won’t go leaving u…

Raman: one minute Ishita, she’s Ruhi and she’s our daughter Ishani.

He tells everything.
Ishita: Ruhi is alive, I have two Ruhis’ now.
She says like a child and Raman giggles. She tries to sit, Raman and Adi helps her.
Adi: ishi maa, I m Adi
Ruhi: and I m Ruhi

They all get shocked except Ishita and Raman. He tells them everything as well. Everyone hugs her one by one. Ishita too hugs her, they smile. Ishani is confused.
Ishani: Mumma, who is she?

She says pointing to Ruhi.
Ruhi: I m your elder sister Ruhi
Ishani: but where were u from so many years?
Ruhi: I had some work, I was outside country.
Ishani: I will call u di only.
Ruhi: ok

They both have a hug.
Ruhi: I will come soon, now I need to go…bye

After a lot of teary goodbyes, Ruhi goes to her house and sees Nidhi sitting holding her head.

Ruhi: what happened ma’am?
Nidhi: where were u?
Ruhi: I went to have some fresh air
Nidhi: that too by making me unconscious?
Ruhi: some thief came I have made them leave just now.

Nidhi nods and sleeps. Ruhi goes to her room.
Ruhi: Nidhi Chabra, jag jao, bohat so liya, ab main vo 7 saal pehle wali Ruhi nahi hoon Jo tumhari unglio pr nachegi, ab main unglio pe tumko nachaungi.

She grins.

Ishani sits hugging Ishita.
Ishita: can I ask u for one thing?
Ishani: yes mumma anything for u
Ishita: call me Ishi Maa
Ishani: ok I love u Ishi Maa
Ishita: I love u too.

Raman comes there.
Raman: u remember only your daughter and not your devil?

Ishita: how can I forget u?
Raman: sorry, I told u a lot that day, it wasn’t your fault at all..
Ishita: its ok
They have a hug as well.
Ishita: I think I should call u potato from today, u look like a potato when u shave.

Ishani laughs and Raman also laughs. Soon Ishita too joins them. Later, Ruhi gives the signed papers to Raman and he shows them to police.
Inspector: we will arrest her, u just need to tell the address and we need to take Ruhi’s statement.

Raman: thanks a lot.

What do u think is written in papers? To be continued
Thanks Parichary ?

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  2. U r a fabulous writer

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    amazing but pls no twist

    1. Salley145

      This is a revenge story or twist k bager maza nh hai…m not saying I will show sadness and mystery only, but there is fun also..

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  9. Welcome Salley!!

    You gave little add more story to my story is so wonderful.
    I am laughing at Ishita statement to call Raman potato then Raman and Ishan laugh together.

    I love it.

    Sorry for not giving more episode.

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