IshRaRu: The Revenge Of Seven Years (Chapter 1: 7 years ago and now)


This is a story about a married couple Raman and Ishita who lost their dear daughter Ruhi seven years ago, though Ishita was not Ruhi’s biological mother but they both had an unbreakable bonding between them which not even real mother and daughter have. But there is no single soul on earth who don’t face troubles and so did Raman and Ishita. 7 years ago, 6 September 2014 was the happiest night for Ishita who was often taunted as infertile by everyone but she got her own child by Shagun’s womb who was Raman’s first wife as well as Ishita’s child’s surrogate mother.Ishita was blessed with a new born daughter who they named Ishani.But little did she know what destiny had planned?

That night, Ishita’s newborn baby got kidnapped by Nidhi who had an old revenge with Raman, her father suicided as he rejected her even before Shagun came. She kept a condition in front of them to give her Ruhi and that she will give them back their newborn baby.
Raman: we will do one thing that we will take Ruhi there with our inspector Abhishek, we will take our baby as well and get that daughter of a b*t*h arrested, its enough now.

Ishita: OK I hope this works.

Together they went to the told destination near the cliff with Ruhi only to find that wicked woman Nidhi with Ishaani who was crying wanting to go back to her mother. Ishita slowly goes towards Nidhi with Ruhi as planned.
Nidhi: give me Ruhi, I will throw your baby.
She throws Ishani in the air and Ishita leaves Ruhi’s hand in order to catch Ishani, Nidhi takes Ruhi with her in car, she tries to stop her but all went in vain. Ruhi calls out for Ishita and she assures her that nothing will happen to her. She follows her with Raman in their car, he tries overtaking her car, she changes her route and Raman stops his car finally in front of her car. He rushes outside their car and Nidhi too comes out.
Raman: give me Ruhi back.
Nidhi: now she is my property
Raman: Nidhi!
He tries to slap her but then she reminds him that she can harm Ruhi if he harms her. Ishita sees a wooden stick nearby and slowly goes from behind towards Nidhi and hits her on her head, she falls and she quickly takes Ruhi and she cries hugging Ishita.

Ishita lifts Ruhi and takes her but Nidhi gets up and snatches Ruhi from her and takes her with her and drives off, they again sit in the car following them but to their shock, Nidhi’s car blasts but Nidhi and Ruhi jumps out of it without getting hurt and she forcefully takes her with her.

Ishita and Raman come outside the car and runs to the car in a shock and bursts into tears. Raman scolds Ishita.

Raman: everything is because of u, couldn’t u hold her hand? Couldn’t u do this much? U r really infertile.

Ishita: it was your plan, stop blaming me, I did what u said, what did u come for? U also could save her, and by the way I saved her but Nidhi again took her but no, don’t ever accept your mistake, blame everything on me.

She says cryingly. He gets more angry.
Raman: Don’t ever show me your unlucky face, ever!

He was about to go but Ishita falls unconscious right there.
Raman: Ishita!
He picks her and takes her in their car to their house calling doctor. The doctor arrives and checks Ishita.

Doctor: she’s in a deep shock, and its impossible to save her, also that she is in coma, she won’t wake up, m sorry.

Everyone cries.

Meanwhile on the other side, Nidhi takes Ruhi to an unknown house.
Ruhi: plz let me go to Ishi Maa
Nidhi: no! Be here! And obey me, that’s good for u, clean my house and from today u r Ruhaan…u will be a singer named as Ruhaan Chopra and I m Nimrit Chopra…understand! And yeah, obey me, then I won’t harm u.

She throws a sweep near her and asks her to start. She does and cries helplessly wanting to go to her parents.

Looking at a garland photo of Ruhi, Raman cries recalling that night again and again. He then turns and sits by Ishita’s side who was in a deep unconsciousness.
Raman: sorry to blame u, u were right, its my fault, Ruhi and u both left me.

On the other side, a boy is in an unknown house and sits in front of the mirror and cries.

Ruhaan: I miss my family a lot.

Nidhi comes there.
Nidhi: stand up, u have a concert to attend, stop crying and go.

Ruhaan: plz let me go back to my family, have some humanity, I beg u.

Nidhi gets angry and beats her with a whip, long hair fall out of the cap he was wearing and he turns out to be a girl.
Nidhi: don’t u dare answer me back again else I will be worse, u r Ruhi but in worlds eyes u r Ruhaan, go to ur concert, fast.

She leaves, Ruhi cries sitting on the floor but quickly wipes her tears and gets ready to go. She reaches to the concert destination and everyone cheers Ruhaan Ruhaan. She goes on the stage in boy’s get up and plays the guitar singing in manly voice in pain. She sings “yaara maula (gulaal)” and recalls that night when she had to stay with Nidhi.

She performs well and gets down the stage waving everyone with a forced smile and goes from there. In Bhalla house, the death anniversary was going on of Ruhi, everyone were crying badly, a girl look alike of little Ruhi comes running to Raman and hugs him.
Raman: Ishani
Ishani: papa

He kisses her cheek and hugs her seeing Ruhi in her. Someone comes on the door, he goes to answer the door, there was no one, it was just a shopper with something inside it. He reaches his hand inside and pulls out the thing. It was a framed photograph of little Ruhi with a chit which had a destination’s address.

What do u think is the destination? What it has to do with Ruhi? Will Raman get to know the truth? To be continued.

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  6. What a nice story? Bit different story from YHM.
    Ishita had left the world of her soul but waiting for Ruhi to reach her.
    Raman will be shocked that Ruhi is alive.
    Raman will ask whole families for help to find Ruhi and need Ruhi to save Ishita.
    Raman and police will save Ruhi and arrest Nidhi.
    Ruhi will be shocked to see Ishita in coma. Ruhi will be angry on Nidhi.
    Ruhi will call Ishita Ishima then Ishita will reaction be hearing Ruhi and will come out of coma. Ishita will be confused who is this girl and get shock by see her Ruhi and Ishani had growing up for 7 years.
    Ruhi and Ishani will be happy that mother is back alive. All family get happy to get Ruhi back to the family.

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