IshRaRu: The Revenge Of Seven Years (The Beginning Of Revenge) Chapter 8 Savior

Ishita gets a video and opens it. It was Nidhi’s video, she said, “hello Ishita Bhalla, u all might be wondering where is Ruhi? Right? Ruhi is with me, if u want that I don’t do anything to her, then don’t tell the police, bye.” Ishita shows everyone the video teary eyed.
Ishita: what to do now? Ruhi is there with Nidhi and we can’t even tell police about it.

She says worriedly. Ruhi sees Nidhi.
Ruhi: what r u doing in my room? Go away, else I will call Ishimaa and papa.

Nidhi laughs.
Nidhi: that won’t work, look at your surroundings first.

Ruhi looks around and finds herself in a godown, she tries to move but she was tied.

Ruhi: u wait and watch, Ishimaa and papa will come to find me, and u know what? don’t get happy, I m not weak, I m strong, this is my curse to u that u will rot in hell.

Nidhi gets angry and takes a knife, Ruhi gets scared. She comes near and keeps the end of the knife on her chin and lifts it,  sweat starts forming on her forehead as Nidhi goes behind her and keeps the knife on her neck, Ruhi’s heart starts thumping louder as if it will pop out of her rib cage anytime.
Nidhi: do u remember, in your childhood when u came to live with me, no no, I brought u forcefully, and made u do work, but once u didn’t do so and what I did remember Ruhi?

At first Nidhi says with love but the last two words “remember Ruhi” came out of her mouth with anger as she held her face tightly in one hand and held knife on her neck with other hand from back. Ruhi recalls something.
Little Ruhi: what will u do? I won’t work

She throws the broom making Nidhi angry, she approaches her and she moves back as Nidhi comes closer, she collides with the wall and gets scared. Nidhi holds her wrist and drags her in a room full of rats and locks the room.
Fb end.

Nidhi: now it will be worse, just wait and watch.

She slits her neck, Ruhi screams and faints. Nidhi goes throwing the knife unaware of someone watching her, it was a boy of about 18 years, he made video that what Nidhi did just now. He comes in as Nidhi goes, he unties Ruhi and takes her from there to hospital. After a long surgery, the boy is allowed to meet her, she came in senses in two hours.
Boy: r u ok? I saw how that woman tortured u, I even created a proof, by the way what’s your name?

Ruhi: Ruhi Bhalla n u r?
Boy: Nikhil
Ruhi: nice to meet u, thnx for saving me, can I use ur phone?
Nikhil: sure

He hands her the phone and she calls on Ishita’s number. She picked it on fourth ring.
Ruhi: Ishimaa
Ishita: Ruhi, where r u? R u ok?
Ruhi: come to city hospital.
Ishita: yes

Call disconnects, Ishita tells everyone and she goes to Ruhi accompanied by everyone. They reach the hospital and goes to Ruhi’s ward. Ishita kisses her forehead and Nikhil sends the video on their phones.
Ishita: thnx for saving her
Nikhil: no problem

He goes smiling at Ruhi. She smiles baçk.

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