IshRaRu: The Revenge Of Seven Years (The Beginning Of Revenge) Chapter 7 Kidnapped

Nidhi is in jail and it’s midnight, she’s awake.
Nidhi: I will have to look for a way out of here.

She looks around but doesn’t finds a way. She sees a lighter on the cabinet which was just outside her cell and she could easily reach it, she smiles and takes the lighter and holds the lock in her hands and lights the lighter and keeps its flame below the keyhole from where the lock is unlocked. The lock opens making a little sound and unluckily no one sees her and she runs from jail. She runs to Bhalla house and peeps inside to see if everyone are asleep, Mr and Mrs. Bhalla were awake. She goes to other direction looking for a window to jump in. She finds it and it was locked. She looks at every window, each of them were locked, none were open. She sees a pipeline which leads to Ruhi’s window and climbs up by its help and reaches the top, she jumps in and luckily Ruhi wasn’t awake but she wakes up but Nidhi makes her smell chloroform and she faints.

She drags her out and sees Mr and Mrs Bhalla still awake and slowly goes downstairs trying not to make sound and reaches down, opens the door slowly and goes taking Ruhi. Mr and Mrs Bhalla sleep. At morning, everyone comes out for breakfast and they all notice Ruhi missing. Ishita also came out this time.
Ishita: why is Ruhi still sleeping? Let me call her.

She goes to her room and finds the bed empty, she checks the washroom and she wasnt there as well, she checks in every room, she was nowhere to be seen. She goes and informs everyone.
Raman: where she must’ve gone at this time?
Ishita: don’t know, now Nidhi is also in jail, I hope she’s safe.

The phone rings and Mrs.Bhalla receives it.
Inspector: Mr.Raman Bhalla?
Mrs.Bhalla: I m his mom.
Inspector: Nidhi has run away from jail, be careful.

She is shocked and the phone falls from her hands.
Ishita: what happened Mummy ji?
Mrs.Bhalla: Nidhi has run away from jail.

She cries, Ishita hugs her and she too cries.

Ruhi wakes up and is tied to a chair, she tries to move but can’t, she sees Nidhi.

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