IshRaRu: The Revenge Of Seven Years (The Beginning Of Revenge) Chapter 6


Raman: Jhansi ki rani, when I went to Nidhi with police, her face became like rotten vegetables.

Ishita laughs.
Ishita: oh great, she looks like a brinjal.

They have a laugh.
Raman: I m laughing after so much time, just because of u.
Ishita: me too.

She kisses on his cheek.
Ishita: umhm, shave properly, I can’t even kiss u
Raman: he he u r funny

Ruhi comes there.
Ruhi: papa, ishi maa…I want to tell something

She tells them the plan (muted).

Ruhi: are you both with me?
Ishita: yes
Raman: me too.
Aditya: I also

They hold hands.

Shagun goes to the police station and asks for Nidhi. The inspector takes her.
Inspector: someone is here to meet u
Nidhi: who?

Shagun comes in front.
Nidhi: u??
Shagun: don’t take me wrong, I m here to help u, u want revenge from Raman right?
Nidhi: yes and how can I trust u on that??
Shagun fakes tears.
Shagun: I lost my daughter to him, I lived with memories, he took everything from me, Ruhi came back but went to Ishita, I want to break Bhalla family, u will help me na?

Nidhi thinks for awhile.
Nidhi: OK I will help.

They shake hands.
Shagun: what’s the plan?
Nidhi: u keep a chit of Ishita’s name, write that she wants to break relation with Raman, write Ishita’s name.

Shagun: thank u

She goes shedding fake tears, and wipes them and smiles. She messages Ruhi that work is done.

Ruhi: so what’s the plan?
Shagun: I will go to Nidhi and shed fake tears, I will gain her trust and I will use her plan to torture her.
Ruhi: OK we will workout on our plan tomorrow.
They hug.
Fb end.

Did u like it? And is any mehbeer fan here?

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  1. Lisa

    Super …..loved it….and hey I’m a mehbeer fan

    1. Salley145

      Thnku, just asking to read my ffs if interested:
      Together forever (completed, found by searching)
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      Life diaries (will be posted soon)

      1. Lisa

        YYa surely…I’ll read it…I’m a big fan of mehbeer

  2. i just liked it a lot . the ishra scenes were good . hope shagun and ruhi’s plan works . i am a mehbeer fan , i just like them a lot

    1. Salley145

      Thnx, read my mehbeer ffs mentioned above if interested

      1. sure…..

  3. Mehbeer??? I did not read that ff…..but this part superb… If I have mehbeer story I will read..

    1. Salley145

      My mehbeer ffs r mentioned below first comment, thnx

  4. Ruksy

    loved it

  5. Kumud

    nice salley145

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