IshRaRu: The Revenge Of Seven Years (Arrested) Chapter 5


Raman goes to Nidhi’s house with police ringing doorbell and she gets shocked seeing him.
Police: he’s saying that  u kidnapped his 8 year old daughter and tortured her for 7 years acting of death, you will have to come with us to jail.

Nidhi: but why? I haven’t done anything.

They handcuff her and takes her. Raman calls out for Ruhi and asks her to come along. They reach police station and Ruhi is asked to give her statement.

Ruhi: This woman separated me from my family and tortured me and beated me a lot, it took me a lot of courage to come here and speak the truth,if papa wasn’t with me, I wouldn’t have ever be able to get free from Nidhi.

Inspector: ok, and u will also give statement Mr.Raman Bhalla.

Raman: we thought Ruhi is dead and my wife Ishita has suffered a lot,she was in coma for seven years. Nidhi had kidnapped her, exploited her identity and tortured her.

Inspector: now u can go.

Raman: thanks.

He goes taking Ruhi.

They reach Bhalla house and Ruhi gets glad. Raman unlocks the door and Ruhi runs inside and goes to Ishita’s room and sees her looking at her phone again and again.
Ruhi: ishi maa.

She smiles and hugs her.

Ishita: u came, thank God, I missed u a lot.
Ruhi: me too
Ishita: where’s Raman?
Raman: potato is here

Ishita laughs, he comes and she hits him lightly.
Ishita: ek baar bhi call nh ki
Raman: didn’t got time

Ishani comes and hugs Ruhi.
Ruhi: school nh gai?
Ishani: no I wanted to spend time with u
Ruhi: never miss your school again.
Ishita smiles at them.

After meeting everyone, Ruhi goes to her room and gets emotional seeing all her childhood pics with everyone.

Ruhi: I m back to my house, to my family, but what about my revenge from Nidhi? I want to destroy her by myself. Ishi maa too suffered, Papa also suffered everyone suffered, and me too. I want to beat her the way she used to beat me. And there’s only one person who can help me in this, Shagun mumma.

She goes out of her room and tells Raman she’s going to meet Shagun as she’s missing her. She goes to Shagun’s house.
Manoj: who r u?
Ruhi: m Ruhi, is Shagun mumma here?
Manoj: yes. She’s there.

Ruhi goes to the room.
Ruhi: Shagun mumma
Shagun: Who r u?
Ruhi: I m Ruhi
Shagun smiles at her.
Ruhi: Mumma, I want a help.
Shagun: tell
Ruhi: Nidhi is arrested but I want revenge, I will tell everything to u later
Shagun: I will help but u should tell this to others too
Ruhi: ok…so what’s the plan?

Raman: Ishita its been so much time I didn’t get to call u Jhansi ki rani, no one called me Raavan Kumar, aur to aur mujhe kuchh South Indian khaane ko bhi nh mila.

Ishita: awww bechara potato.

Raman makes a sad face and looks really cute. Ishita pulls his cheeks.
Ishita: m joking, I will do all that again.

They share a hug.

Ruhi: ok so we will work out on our plan telling everyone.
Shagun: ok

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  1. Kumud

    yessss finally ruhi is back to her ishimaa lovely

  2. Very nice episode

  3. So happy.

    Lol Manoj and Shagun didn’t recognised Ruhi mole. Shame!!! Lucky for Ruhi tell them who they are. I am happy that Nidhi is arrested by Raman and police. Ishu get happy to have her Ruhi back. Aww Ishu ask Ruhi where is Raman then Raman responsed Potato is here. Cute!!!! Ishu laugh and hit playful on Raman. Ishan bunks her school day and spend time with Ruhi. Nice Ruhi tell Ishan not to bunk her school. Nice family bonds.
    Raman want Ishu to called same old name Raavan so that Raman can call Ishu Jhansi Ki Rani. Ishu love Raman’s way and will call Raman as Raavan. Oh god, ishan will be calling Raman as Raavan and Ishu will be shocked by hearing Ishan calling Raman. Raman then tell Ishu that Ishan had learned from you (Ishu) and Ishu get blushed then hug Ishan.

  4. Ruksy

    wow so lovely

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