ishraa -life story (epi 4)


Sorry guyz for delay i was little busy now im back
Precap:ishu breaks neighbours tv and raman and jeevika meeting

Its evening
Raman came to clear his doubts relating subjct from jeevika
Raman:hie dhi
Jeev:hie i thought you wil not come
Jeev:meri behaan ka pagal paan dekaar(aftr seeing my sissy naughty)
Raman thinks i love it
RAman comes into sense
Raman :h
Jeev:kya hua kaha kogayeho tum(what hapn )
Raman:shall i ask onething
Raman:usse situation mein ishu ki galti thi phir bhi aap ishu ko nahi dantey uss neighbour ko dantey aise kyu(its ishu fault instead of scolding ishu you and your brother scolded neighbour)
Jeev:ishu is my life not only mine my brothers also.if ishu cries then in our eyes it will fill with blood instead of eyes
We never ever think to scold or not even in our dreams
Raman gets emotional and tears rollz in his eyes
Jeev:dont be emotional
Raman lives and reaches home
Meanwhile surya calls and inform jeevika to attend meeting

@bhalla house
Raman thinking about ishu
Shagun:bhai lets go we will have some coffe
Raman:no im tired
shagun:come na bhai plz
Raman think about jeev,surya nd ishu’s bonding
Raman:lets go my sissy

@iyc company
Jeev reaches company
all greets jeevika and enters in cabin
Jeev:lets start meeting where is client
Pa:he is on the way mam
Viren reaches
Jeev:hie mr bhalla
Viren:hie miss iyer and i have meeting with mr iyer
Jeev:ya im his sister jeevika iyer sorry that bro is busy in some work
Viren:its okay
Jeev:lets start
Jeev starts her presentation
Viren is memerize with jeev presentation and beauty
Viren:wow nice
Jeev:thank you

Shagun and raman reache restuarnt
Raman:ok my dear princess what you wanna eat
Shagun:wow bro treating me like princess
Raman:yaa saying lie you are not princess your devil
Shagun tries to beat him water falls on raman
Raman:see your justifying that your devil and i will come
Girl is walking while talking into phone and strucks raman
Raman caughts into his arm girl is none other than ishu
Tujhey dekatho yeh jaana sanam plays
Ishra eyelock but ishu phone rings amd they come to sense
Raman:ishu what are you doing here
Ishu:came for shopping :p
Raman:very funny
Ishu:why people come for resturant
Raman:idiot with whom you came here
Ishu:surya anna came with me

Precap:man entry and raman feels jealosy seeing ishu with man

Credit to: shivani

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  1. Shivani after a long long long long time!!!!!!!
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    1. Hie i was writing my btech exam

  2. After a long time. I was missing ur ff.
    ~~Awesome updates ~~

  3. After a longgggggggg time…………..Its Awesome……… loved it……….

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