ishraa -life story (epi 3)


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Lets start story
Precap:ishu hits neighbours tv and amma scolds her

@ igcompany
Surya:what is today appointments
Secretary: yes sir we have one important meeting with viren bhalla
Surya :kkk
Surya phone rings its ishu
Surya:what you did today
Ishu: how you know
Surya:iam your brother i know about you more than you
Ishu:come home fast anna plz
Surya:what you did tell me
Ishu: i was playing cricket so amma came there
Surya:achaa this is your problem i wil talk to amma dont worry
Ishu:anna lisen to me first in anger
Surya:okk chill my jaan
Ishu:neighbours tv was broken into pieces if he complaint to amma then amma will scold me
Surya laughs and say how can to do this sorry only you can do this
Ishu:when you will come to hme
Surya :im busy i have an important work
Ishu:kk bye company is more important than me
Surya: no one is important then you
im coming kk bye
Surya:reena(secretary) cancel all my meeting i should go now
Secretary:if you cancel this meeting then company can be in loss
Surya:dont care my sisterand her happiness is important this ideal

Raman meets jeevika (senior student and college toper)
Raman:hie dhii
Jeevika:sorry i didnt remeber you
Raman:iam raman kumar bhalla im your junior
Jeevika :kk how can i help you
raman:i have some doubts will you clarify
jeevika:not know can you come to my home evening
Raman:kk where you will stay
Jeevika:i will stay near sky colony
Raman:same colony my residence
Jeevika:iyer house
Raman:kk opposite to your house bhalla house
jeevika:kk bye leaves very fastly without lisening to raman response
jeevika starts the car and see tyre is puncher and she get down and say omg
Raman arrives and may i help you
Jeevika:ya my tyre is puncher and i dont have stepinne
Raman:may i drop you
Jeevika:yes and gets into car
Raman:i shall i ask one thing
Jeevika:ha ask
Jeevika:some thing emergency ha why your rushing to go home
Jeevika:because of my little sister
jeevika:yes she is very naughty i think she already reached home and i was late because of my extra classes if i didnt reach home quickly she will take whole house at head
raman:she is lucky to have you
Jeevika smiles

@iyer house
Surya came from office and goes to neighbour house
Surya:hie iam surya i will stay beside your bulilding
Man:ooh you are here you know what your sister did
Man:eventhough you came here
surya:what is the damage your tv say i will pay for your damage
Man:its not about damage it is about mistake
surya:it is not my sister fault its your
surya:yes you know my sister plays cricket and she will hit six
surya:you should be careful why you kept your tv in that direction because of you and your tv its not six
man looks confuse
raman and jeevika arrives and lisen whole conversation
raman:hey dhi see its her sister mistake and he scolding man
Jeevika:its not my sister mistake in anger
Raman:kk she is your sister ha
surya:hey jeevika
jeevika:hi anna and sorry
Surya:i said na i will take care of ishu but i didnt did
Raman thinks ishu means my ishu noo idiot raman there are mant ishitha in this world not only your ishu and smiles
Surya:its k my sister lets go inside
Jeevika:anna he is raman my junior
Raman:hie sir
ishu comes and raman was very happy seeing ishu
Ishu hugs both jeevika and surya ands says im sorry and i wont repeat again
Surya:you should repeat it again if not i think your not my sister
All laughs
Ishu goes and say sorry to man
Raman thinks how cute she is saying if im in that man place i would forgive her
Man:its okay ishu nw i wont feel irritated because nw im liking it
All laughs
ishu saw raman and shocks
Ishu:what your doing here
Jeevika:he is my junior why you know him before
ishu:sees raman and says no and yes
Ishu:today morning i stuck her car
Surya:ook already did ha and says sorry to raman
Raman:its okay sir its not her mistake
Jeevika and surya at a time in chorus says is it really it
Surya:you are the person saying its not my sister mistake
Jeevika:raman you will come after fresh up ha
Raman thinks my ishu is here if you want i stay in our home permently
Jeevika :raman raman
raman:yes dhi
jeevika:where are you
Ishu:i think he in dream world
Raman: not like that kk dhi i will aftr some times
Surya and jeevika goes inside
Raman:what yaar
Raman:you have broken tv and laughs
Ishu:very funny go and come fast because akka is very punctual
Raman:you are here and i will not come quickly is it hapens
ishu:what did you said something
raman:noo why by the wat im leaving bye

@bg company
Viren is in angry
Viren:what surya think of himself he only fixes the meeting and he only cancel the meeting
Secretary(surya’s):its emergency sir
Her sister is in problem so sir went
Viren:kk its kk sister he thinks about shagun

Precap:ishra eyelock and jeevika and viren first meeting

Credit to: shivani

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