ishraa -life story (epi 2)


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Lets go into the episode
Ishu came out after attempting the exam
Ramam sees ishu and goes to meet ishu
Raman:hey you miss
Raman:yes do you remember me
Raman:just few hours back you damaged my car
Ishu:oh you i said sorry its by mistake by the way you are following me
Raman:not like that
Ishu:you idiot how dare you to follow me
Raman:hey mis hold your tongue iam not that type
Ishu:that type means
Raman:cheap and you now im
ishu:hello wait im just pulling your leg i know you are not following im just kiding
Both laughs

Raman:laughs and says how you know that im following see your very beautiful
Ishu:you really an idiot you wearing identity card of college na
Raman sees identity card and laughs
Raman:may i know your name
Ishu:im ishitha iyer im 1st year medical student and yours
Raman:im raman bhalla im mba 1st year
Ishu:then why your in my campus
Raman:i came for my sister to know about the admision details
Ishu phone rings
Ishu:ok im leaving bye see you later
Raman :k bye ishu leaves raman says offcourse see you later and smiles idiot nice name

Its abhi calling ishu
Ishu:ha say abhi
Abhi:where are you
Ishu:just now completed my exm why
Abhi:come soon home i wil say its urgent
Ishu:say na did amma came to know about yesterday night
Abhi:come fast and cuts calls
Ishu reaches home
Abhi:oh k lets go
Ishu:where and what hapn why you called me urgent
Abhu:i was bored and i want to play
Ishu:hits on head and say for this reason you did this much drama
Abhi:oh my dramaqueen without any drama you will come
Ishu laughs and call children of her society
Abhi:i wil bats first
Ishu:no i wil you know na rules are not made to break
Abhi:no ishu its not fare every time you will bat first and you will break glass or flower pot
Abhi:amma wil cme den she wil scold her you will ran away amma scolds me
Ishu:kk you bat first dont cry
Abhi:starts to bat
Ishu:abhi amma
Abhi:sees backside and say amma she
Meanwhile ishu bowls balla and hits wicket
Ishu out
Abhi:its cheating ishu
Ishu:every thing is fare im match and games
Abhi makes face and gves bat to ishu
Abhi throw ball and ishu hits balla nd goes and hit neighbour’s tv into pieces
Abhi:how its possible its strange
Ishu:what strange stupid
Abhithis time you hit tv not glass
All laughs

Amma arrives
Abhi:ishu amma
Ishu:im not like you to afraid of anyone im ishu
Abhi:oh my dramaqueen stop drama and see backside
Ishu:no im not afraid im ishu the fighter and turns back and seea amma standing with anger
Amma:what is this ishu and catches ishu ears
Ishu:im sorry amma its all beacause ishu
Amma appa
Amma sees back side and ishu ran from there
Amma:when this girl wil understand she is not kid

@bhalla house
raman thinks about ishu and smiles recollecting all moments
Shagun comes there and see raman seeing outside window and laughing something is fishy
Shagun:who is she bhaii
Shagun:what she said
Raman:idiot what a nice same na
Raman:comes to sense what
Raman:who ishu
Shagun wait i wil say to viren bhai and mama papa and rans
Raman chases her and says not like that what your think
Shagun:then what
Raman catches shagun and folds hand
Shagun:bhai live na its paining k i will not say to anyone
Raman:there is nothing like that
Shagun:then what
Raman:i went to college for admision for you and she is student there
Shagun:thats it
Raman:and your admission is fix
Shagun:thank you bhai and hugs him
raman:please go and study for god sake dont spend much time in parlour
Raman thinks if shagun joins in ishu class then i can meet her daily and laughs

Precap:ishu shock to see raman in home

Credit to: shivani

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