ishraa -life story (epi 1)


Hii guyz abhishek and ishu just friends
Lets go into episode
Surya own company igc and viren owns a company bgc

Its morning
@iyer house
All woke and settle near dinny table and waitng for ishu
Surya:where is dramebaaz sissy
Jeevika: anna asually in dreaming mode
By d way abhi and ishu came home late nite
Surya:whats new in that they never change
Jeevika laughs
Amma and appa arrives
Appa:where is ishu
Surya and jeevika at a time says she is geting ready for college
Amma:what today is her exm and she did even ready
Jeevika and surya shitt its exam
They ran towards ishu’room
Appa:what hapn
Amma:god knows iam exhausted vid ur children
Appa smiles
Surya and jeevika went into ishu room and tries to wake up
Surya:get up today is your exam
Ishu:anna today na its at 10 o clock
jeevika:it is not at 10 o clock its @ 9
Ishu:akka why ur tensed its my exam you go and let me sleep
Surya amma came
Ishu suddenly wake up and says amma just 2mins i wil be ready in drowsy mood
Jeevika and surya laughs
Ishu:how bad u both and chases them
Ands says no one love me
Surya and jeevika at same time and says oh my dramaqueen sissy its too late go and ready

@bhalla house
Viren:maa you knw na im very punctual why ur late
Mrs bhalla:sorry beta it wil not repeat again
Raman:maa if bhai marries a lazy girl then bechaari bhabhii(poor girl)
All laughs
Viren:achaa today is our exam think about the exam and pray god for good exams
Raman:i need only my maa blessings and my talent and you know like you i never maska(butter) god
Mrs bhalla:good luck
Raman and viren leaves
Ishu drives fastly because only 10 min left for exam and hits raman car
Raman:what the …..
Raman gets down angirl
And sees ishu and memerise with her beauty and he looks into her eyes and ishu leaves saying sorry
Raman:hey what your name
Ishu:says sorry and leaves
Raman:for a long time good thing has happen
Suddenly raman remembers exam and rush to the college

Precap: ishu and raman meets in college
Hey guyz ishu is writing medical exams and raman writing mba and they colleges in same universities
Please comment if you like my ff

Credit to: shivani

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