ishra and yuvani-love (epi 9)

Sorry for the late update . but please keep commenting , i saw only two comments in last episode , i felt very sad . thank u jasmine rahul and reshma pradeep for commenting
The next day shagun and others wid suhani go out and enjoy . at home ishita tries to cheer up pihu who is sad because suhani will go india after some days . she makes pihu’s favourite dosa as breakfast . ishita says pihu shall we go out , pihu says yes mumma . ishita and pihu got out ,
Shagun , raman and suhani’s family is also in the same road . ishita is shopping with pihu .
Ruhi says shagun mumma u come wid me na we will go and shop something , shagun says ok ruhi beta we will go . shagun says manoj , i am going wid ruhi this side , it has already become late , we will meet in hotel .

Shagun and ruhi enter the shop while pihu and ishita go outside , but they miss to see each other . ruhi’s bag falls down , pihu turns back and sees ruhi’s bag and goes to pick up the bag while ruhi does not know it and goes inside . pihu says excuse me ur bag . ruhi turns around and is shocked to see pihu , she thinks this girl looks exactly like i was used to be when i was small , pihu gives her the bag , ishita calls pihu jaldi ao . pihu says wait mumma . ruhi goes behind her but she is not able t o see ishita . ishita and pihu are walking in the road . ruhi thinks i should follow her and goes behind ishita and pihu . ishita and pihu reach home . ishita turns back , ruhi is shocked . she runs inside the house . she says ishima and hugs ishita . ishita is shocked by the sudden hug . she says who r u . ruhi calls ishima . ishita says tumhara voice to bilkul meri ruhi ki tarah hai and hugs ruhi .

ruhi says mein ruhi hi hun ishima . ishita is shocked . she says but my ruhi died 7 years ago . ruhi says ishima i did not die , papa saved me from nidhi we searched u a lot but did not get u . ishita hugs ruhi . she says meri ruhi zinda hai . ruhi says han ishima calm down mein sach mein zinda hun apke samne . ishita says tumhe kaise pata chala ki . ruhi says mein ek ladki ko follow karke ayi thi jo bilkul meri tarah dikti hai . ishita says ruhi she is ur sister , she looks exactly like u . ishita says pihu yahan ao . pihu comes there . ruhi sees her and gets very happy , she says ishima yeh to bilkul . ishita says han ruhi , ruhi hugs pihu . ishita says pihu yeh tumhari ruhi didi . pihu says really i have a sister also . ishita says han pihu u have a sister also . ishita hugs ruhi and cries . tere dil ka plays in background . ruhi says ishima bas dont cry . ishita says han now i will never cry , my ruhi is there wid me


I will post next episode on 29

Credit to: varshini


  1. jasmine Rahul

    ruhi saw her look alike pihu n followed her n found ishita.ishita ruhi meeting was so emotional b beautiful.also pihu,ruhi n ishita scene on tere dil song.cant wait 4 ishra union.
    why r u not updating ur sns ff?I wait 4 all ur 3 ffs daily

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