ishra and yuvani-love (epi 8)

Suhani seeing yuvani sees yuvraj , yuvraj nods his head saying yes . yuvraj goes to yuvani and and says yuvani u always wanted a mother no , like krishnaa’s mother . yuvani says han papa why . what will happen if i bring ur mother here .yuvani says i will be very happy , i will hug my mumma a hundred times . yuvraj says teek hai vahan pe kadi hai na vahi tumhari mumma hai . suhani cries in happiness . she hugs yuvani , she says yuvani beta u have a brother also , he is ur twin . yuvani says really i dont only have a sister but also a own twin too . suhani says han and hugs her . yuvani says why were away from us these many days . suhani says ab mein aa gayi hun na , ab mein kahi nahi jaungi beta kahi nahi and hugs yuvani .

ruhi thinks yuvani gopt her mother , but me and adi bhaiya , shagun mumma is trying the best to keep us happy , small visits , we go outings with manoj uncle ,mumma and rohan , but i dont have ishima with me . manoj comes there, he sees rohan and hugs him . yuvraj asks where is raman . manoj says voh , i thought i will check in hotel and go back , actually he is still searching . i will call him and tell him to come back . yuvraj says ok , actually forgot to introduce u my wife . this is my wife suhani , actually she went away from me before seven years . shagun says wow u got her back , yuvraj says ya . yuvraj says and this is shagun ,manoj and this is their son rohan . suhani says hi . sfter all go to sleep . suhani comes out with yuvraj

Suhani just then gets a call , it was ishita’s . she says han di the boy got his parents back and i am coming di , suhani cries in happiness again . ishita asks what happened suhani why r u crying . suhani says nothing di i am coming home wid two special people di . ishita says two people . suhani says han di i am coming home now , bye . yuvraj asks who were u talking to . suhani says ishita di . yuvraj says ishita di , the one who used to be ur chilhood friend when u used to go to grandmother’s house which was in chennai . suhani says actually , when i came out of house with yuvan , she only gave me support . she loves yuvan very much . she has been more like a sister to me and hugs yuvraj. Yuvani says mumma , u know i like krishnaa very much . suhani sees yuvraj . yuvraj says she is sowmya and krishna’s daughter .

They reach ishita’s house . yuvraj goes inside with suhani . ishita says yuvraj , she had known yuvraj from the photos suhani had . suhani says han di he accepted me , ishita hugs suhani , she says i am so happy for u . suhani says di i have a daughter also and shows yuvani . she says actually dadi lied to us that only 1 child survived to yuvraj and me also di . when ishita is talking wid suhani and yuvani , yuvraj goes inside and sees yuvan sleeping ,he thinks mera beta , and goes and hugs a sleeping yuvan , he kisses yuvan , yuvan gets up , he asks who r u . suhani, ishita and yuvani see all this from a distance . yuvraj says i am ur papa and hugs him , suhani says han yuvan. Yuvan cries , he says really where were u these many days i am so angry wid u . yuvraj says sorry . yuvan says ok but u have to always be with me only , yuvraj says sure .

suhani says yuvan pihu ke sat tumhari aur ek behen bhi hai , u have another sister wid pihu after this , and shows yuvani . yuvan says hi yuvani . suhani sees pihu coming there , she says yuvraj yahi ishita di ki beti hai , this is ishita di’s sister . suhani says pihu this is yuvraj uncle and this is my daughter yuvani . pihu says hi but where r they from , suhani says india why . pihu cries , she says toh aap india chale jaoge , she cries even more and goes away from , there , ishita sees all this and goes behind pihu . suhani cries , she says pihu meri bacchi bhi hai yuvraj , pihu is also my daughter only , for old relations i have to leave new relations now and cries . yuvraj hugs her , yuvani also hugs suhani . at room ishita sees pihu crying , she goes to her and says pihu beta today suhani mausi will not go home , she will be with u , u know how much yuvan needs his father , u also helped him in taking the bag that no , u r a big girl now . pihu says teek hai but suhani mausi and cries , she hugs ishita . she thinks sad to mein bhi hun , i am also sad pihu , that suhani will not be there with us here after , but i am happy that she got yuvraj back and cries hugging pihu .


Credit to: varshini


  1. jasmine Rahul

    Suhani introduced her family 2 ishita.tho ishita n pihu r sad that suhani wont b with them they r happy that she got her family.yuvraj met ishita n ruhi sees her look alike…hope raman will reach ishita thru both of them

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