ishra and yuvani -love (epi 7)


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Yuvraj says it is fine raman and goes from there . rohan ,shagun , ruhi, yuvani and manoj have come outside to enjoy . rohan sees a sees a beautiful dog and goes behind it . shagun and manoj dont notice it . rohan goes behind the dog and gets lost . since he is only 5 years old , he starts crying . shagun just then realises that rohan is missing . she searches for him frantically . ruhi also calls him out . but he comes somewhere , he sees a building and goes inside crying . the building is ishita’s clinic . she sees rohan . she says indian ho, aapka naam kya hai . rohan says my name is rohan , i got lost from my mumma . ishita says dont cry beta u be wid me . i will call ur mumma papa and tell them .rohan says i dont know mumma’s number . she sees the clock , it 8 at night . ishita says so i think i should take him to home . ishita says hum mera gar chalte hai kya , vahan aapko ek didi aur bhaiya milenge . phir hum aapke mummy papa ko doondange ok . rohan cries . ishita takes rohan to her house . she calls suhani . she says yeh baccha mujhe clinic me mila . he does not have his parents number . so i brought him here . suhani says teek kiya di . ishita smiles and calls pihu and yuvan . she says yuvan this is rohan , he got lost from his parents . so u and pihu play wid him . i will try to reach his parents .
Shagun is crying a lot . she says chota sa baccha hai . pata nahi is foreign country mein and cries , yuvraj and raman come there . raman says we r searching everywhere . manoj is still searching him . raman says ruhi take care of shagun mumma and yuvani , me and yuvraj are going to search rohan . ruhi says ok papa u go i will take care of mumma. Ishita says suhani we will do one thing we will go and wait in the place where rohan got missed . ishita says i will go . suhani says di wait , somebody should be there to take care of children here . i will go and wait there wid rohan . ishita says ok , she calls rohan and sends him wid suhani .
Suhani waits there alone in the road wid rohan .
Manoj says to yuvraj and raman , shall we go and search in the same place where rohan got lost . raman says ok
Shagun is crying very much , ruhi says shagun mumma , dont cry we will get our rohan back . yuvani says han aunty , rohan will come back .
Manoj turns the car towards the place . there are raman and yuvraj also in the car .


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Credit to: varshini

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  1. varshu awesome keep on update awesome posts like this

  2. You are always welcome dear..And it’s was fantastic..Keep writing…

  3. I’m very excited for YuvAni’s meeting!! Today’s episode was really good..And u are welcome Varshini!

  4. It is really nice dr…

  5. Superb

  6. jasmine Rahul

    rohan got lost n reached ishita’s clinic.she took him home.then 2 d place where he was lost.suhaani stood with d manoj,raman n yuvraj going there 2 find out rohan.excited 4 yuvani meeting.when will ishra meet?

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Superbbbbbbbbb………?

  8. super episode varshini. plzz give daily updates. Thanks for accepting our ideas

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