ishra and yuvani-love (epi 7)


Yuvraj says wait raman and manoj , i think we should split and search , it will become late when all the three go to the same place , so i will go to the place where rohan got lost , raman will go to near by places , manoj will go to places where rohan is likely to be found and give a complaint in polie also . raman says ok fine , yuvraj u go to the place rohan was lost k . y(yuvraj ) says ok raman i am going and goes towards the direction where rohan was there before . we will meet in the hotel room if we get rohan also we will come there . all agree and go in different directions

Suhani asks rohan , rohan here only u were there when u got lost . rohan says han aunty . suhani says r u sure , or else we will go to house and come back in the morning . suhani says ok beta we will go and heads towards the car . just then she hears somebody calling rohan ruko . suhani turns back and is shocked .yuvraj too sees her , he is shocked , happy and excited , he has mixed emotions , he at once goes and hugs suhani . suhani cries . she hugs him tightly when he hugs her . she says yuvraj and is not even able to speak . she cries in happiness . yuvraj is also very happy to see suhani .

He again and again hugs suhani .after a lot of hugs and kisses , they come to a normal state , they had been very happy to see each other and were in another world . yuvraj says suhani forgive me , i have done a big mistake by sending u out . suhani says no yuvraj , there was my mistake also at that time . yuvraj says i was very angry wid u , u know why , not because of the mistake u did , because u went away from me . suhani cries . she hugs yuvraj . suhani says i know u are doing all this emotionally yuvraj , i know u hate me . yuvraj says no suhani , i have seen u know , dont ever go away from me . suhani is shocked . she says really u accepted me . yuvraj says han suhani and hugs her . yuvraj says not for me , come atleast for our daughter . suhani is shocked , she says daughter . yuvraj seeing the expression on face asks what are u thinking suhani . suhani says how will i have a daughter yuvraj , we have a son that is all . yuvraj is shocked , he says dadi said a baby died and the baby which survived is yuvani . suhani says yuvraj dadi told the same thing to me yuvraj and cries . she says why did she lie to me and u . i will ask her . yuvraj says no suhani u can never ask her because she died after u went . suhani is shocked she cries , she says dadi died . really .

She then says yuvraj u have a son yuvraj, yuvraj says really . suhani says han our two children r alive , but dadi lied to us . yuvraj says i want to meet my son as soon as possible . suhani says sure and hugs him . she says i dont believe u accepted me yuvraj . yuvraj says me too . suhani laughs .
Rohan sees them . suhani says yuvraj we forgot about rohan but how are u related to him . yuvraj says actually he is my business partner’s ex wife’s son . suhaniasks why have u come to australia actually . yuvraj says to attend a meeting with ceo and owner of jones group of industries . suhani says u will never attend this meeting . yuvraj asks why . suhabni says because the ceo of jones group of companies in leaving the job and going to india with her husband . yuvraj says so u r the ceo of the company . then who is ur manager , stupid fellow , one time he told a date for meeting , the nexxt time he told another date . suhani says he cant hear properly and laughs . yuvraj sees suhani laughing and smiles . he says u also come wid me and goes to hotel wid suhani and rohan while , manoj and ramn are still searchig rohan in different directions .
Rohan comes to hotel , shagun hugs him , she says mera baccha , kahan chala gaya ta tu , u know how much i was worried for u . ruhi says shagun mumma dont cry now . yuvani says han aunty . suhani just then notices yuvani . she sees yuvraj , yuvraj nods his head .


I will soon unite IshRa also , please comment

Credit to: varshini

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  1. Its fab. Will wait for the next episode….

    1. thank u

  2. Absolutely fantastic epi. Ur ff ‘s are mindblowing . i read them every day, but am commenting for the 1st time . your todays epi couldn’t control me from commenting. U should continue this work ???

    1. thank u so much

  3. the number is wrong , it is episode 8 but it got posted as episode 7 . please comment friends

  4. it is amazing. your ff makes me more exciting. pls post daily. I just love that.

    1. thank u santhiya for commenting and liking it . will surely try to post regularly here after

  5. Yeah its amazing plzz continuee 🙂

    1. surely I will continue . thank u

  6. jasmine Rahul

    Yuvani meeting was so emotional,beautiful n romantic.They r surprised 2 know that their other child is alive.wish dadi was alive 2 suffer 4 her wrong deeds.Shagun got Rohan waiting 4 ishra union.

    1. thank u jasmine rahul

  7. jasmine Rahul

    plz post ur SNS ff also daily.fed up of waiting

  8. jasmine Rahul really really sorry yar , tomorrow I think I will post two episodes of that ff . I got some comments which say my ff is boring so I thought of ending it . but after u told I have got some confidence . I will continue it and post it tomorrow for sure . what do u think . reply

    1. jasmine Rahul

      just bcz one person said ur ff wont become boring.everyday i check 2 read that ff.plz dont think of stopping

  9. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Superbbbbbbbbb…….

    1. thank u reshma Pradeep

  10. It was very good!! Keep rocking varshini..

    1. thank u neethu

  11. It’s fabulous Varshani. Great work….

    1. thank u sashi

  12. Its awesomeeeeeeeeeeee darling and you know what i cant control my laughing when I read you writeenthat yuvraj you have a son name yuvraj love u next episode fast plz

    1. ya I read that line again , ya it was quite funny and thank u a lot for commenting

  13. Next episode fast plz

    1. i have posted it already

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