ishra and yuvani-love (epi 6)


Thanku so much ,jasmine rahul, safu, reshma pradeep ,santhiya,ruby,ci,ella ,komal sontaniand sashi . please keep supporting through comments .others also please comment . and one more thing , raman and yuvraj both love their wifes very much but they hate them only because they left them .

Ruhi does not know that raman is also coming . raman’s seat is also near ruhi only . ruhi is surprised ,she hugs raman , raman says i came for some business deal work . u enjoy ur trip ok . and one more thing that day u met a little girl no , ruhi says yuvani . raman says han she has also come here . i will tell to ur shagunn mumma about her , but u also be wid her ok . ruhi says ok . the flight reaches Australia .
Raman tells shagun to take care of yuvani too wid ruhi and rohan (shagun’s son). Yuvraj tells to yuvani dont go anywhere without aunty ok . yuvani says ok papa and goes from there wid ruhi and shagun .
Yuvraj says raman shall we go for the meeting . raman says yuvraj wait ,the meeting is tomorrow evening not today . yuvraj says really but mr.jones manager told me to come today evening . raman says no yuvraj the same mr.jones manager only told me to come tomorrow . yuvraj says ok we will call and confirm who is right . he calls mr.jones . mr.jones says day after tomorrow is the meeting . raman and yuvraj are shocked, they say what shall we do now . raman says shall we go and join them . yuvraj say r u serious raman , we will join children , ok fine .
Raman and yuvraj come to the hotel where shagun and manoj wid children are staying . ruhi and yuvani get surprised , they hug their fathers .
At night raman comes to the room drunk ,yuvraj sees this , he goes and helps raman to sit down .
Raman says ishita , yuvraj says raman sleep now ok , talk later ok . raman says no , u told me to be ur friend no , hear what i tell , yuvraj says tell raman . raman says i love ishita very much . yuvraj asks whio is ishita raman why r u talking about her now . raman says who is ishita , she is my wife man . yuvraj says u miss ur wife is it . raman goes and pulls yuvraj’s cheeks ,he says u r very intelligent , how did u find out that i miss my wife . . i told her to get out of my house . i did not even think that where she will go wid her baby . yuvraj thinks , i also lashed out at suhani , she went out of the house because of me . raman continues , i should have thought atleast once , dead people are dead ,yuvraj says raman u r not in ur correct senses u r telling something. Raman continues , i thought ishita was responsible for ruhi’s death . but ruhi was fine . u saw her that day no .
Yuvraj says raman u r right the word u said in drunk state is also true , dead people are dead , i thought suhani was responsible , now because of that yuvani does not have a mother . raman says if i find ishita no i will never let her go anywhere .
The next morning yuvraj asks about ishita to raman , raman says i hate her . yuvraj is shocked . he says why do u hate her , ur daughter ruhi is back no then why raman , raman says how do u know all this . yuvraj says u were in a drunk state yesterday and.. raman says sorry yuvraj that i gave u so much trouble . yuvraj says it is ok raman
To be continued

Credit to: varshini

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  1. Fab plzz continue

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    Plz unite ishra fast

  3. Awesome dear

  4. jasmine Rahul

    in drunk state raman n yuvraj shared their pain with each other.raman telling that if he gets ishita he wont let her go was nice.hope both get their luv back

  5. hey varshini, why don’t you add the precap ,this ff was super!!! waiting for next episode

  6. I want more..Varshi..Can i call you Varshi if you don’t mind… It is tooooooooo nice Continue dear

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Awesome yaar……….

  8. varshini . you r so sweet. the ff was amazing. I just love that. Pls give us a precap. your doing good job. plzz continue. I just love that plzz continue.

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