ishra and yuvani-love (epi 5)


Sorry for the late update ,i was busy wid other ff’s .

Ishita hugs yuvan . yuvan says thank u ishi mausi .
suhani says very bad di u always support him only not me .
ishita says han han u say i always support him . u always take pihu’s side when i scold her .
At bhalla house ruhi gets a call from shagun , shagun says ruhi we r planning a trip to australia , u should also come , get permission from papa and get ready tomorrow , i thought of adi too but he is busy nowadays in his college work u come wid us . ruhi gets happy , she says ok shagun mumma , i will get permission from papa .
she then goes to raman and asks for permission , he agrees .
Raman calls yuvraj for some business work .
yuvaraj says mr.bhalla u wanted to talk to mr.smith he called us to talk about the deal . but he cant travel to india so he wants us to come to australia .
raman says what is this man all theway to australia , he should have exqual responsibility , ok fine mr.birla .
yuvraj says mr.bhalla i have booked tickets already for both of us , so come to airport tomorrow .
raman says mr.birla since we r business partners now , we should be good friends too right .
yuraj says han so please call me yuvraj not ms.birla ok . raman says sure u can also call me raman ok . yuvraj says if u dont mind can i bring my daughter also to australia , i cant be away from her . raman says han sure actually she can be wid my daughter , i mean my daughter is also coming to australia wid her mother , my ex –wife . yuvraj says great . raman says so mr.birla sorry sorry yuvraj come to air port . yuvraj says ok raman .
ruhi says to mrs.bhalla , dadi i am going to australia , there i will buy some gifts for u okay . mrs.bhalla says ok puttar take care of yourself ok . be wid shagun mumma , dont go anywhere alone without shagun . ruhi says dadi i am not baby ok i will manage .

please comment . sorry this episode was very small

Credit to: varshini

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  1. Nice
    Plz update everyday

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  3. Nice plz update regular

  4. nice episode. I like it. Pzz soon next episode.plzz continue.

  5. jasmine Rahul

    Wow…Raman n Yuvraj going 2 australia with their daughters.cant wait 4 yuvaani n ishra meet with their daughters.

  6. wow nice can’t wait when they both will meet… Update soon

  7. Please don’t stop this ff it’s very nice

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