ishra and yuvani-love (epi 4)

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The epi starts wid raman and yuvraj talking about business deal .after they talk about business deal yuvraj tells raman mr.bhalla can i join u , i think u are going somewhere . raman says han i think we will go to mall . yuvraj says great , actually i told my daughter that i will take her somewhere and brought her to this business meet . raman says same here. He says aapki beti bahut cute hai . yuvraj says shall we go and goes wid ruhi raman and yuvani .

At suhani and ishita’s house
Ishita comes home after 9 o clock . she asks suhani if pihu slept . suhani says han di but yuvan he wanted u to come home . he said he will sleep after that . ishita says really ok i will go and makle him sleep . suhani says stop di . ishita says kya hua suhani what happened . suhani says thanq so much ishu di . u have supported me a lot from the day i left home . ishita says no suhani u have supported me a lot and goes to suhani’s room . she sees yuvan there . she says bahut bad u were waiting for me and did not sleep . yuvan says ishimausi pihu can sleep at 9 o clock but not me . never . ishita says why . yuvan says i don’t know but i cant sleep before 12 o clock . ishita says han when u were baby also u used to do this only . u never used to sleep . suhani used to try hundred ways to make u sleep but u never used to sleep . then i used to try to make u sleep but in vain . yuvan says really and laughs . yuvan says ishi mausi u know everything about me then don’t u know where is my father . ishita’s gets sad , she says yuvan ab so jao ,sleep now , we will talk about this later and goes . ishita says suhani go and sleep now it has become late . ishita goes and sleeps wid pihu . seeing pihu she says u look exactly like ruhi but how u r like ruhi . this is an miracle . but my little ruhi ,she cries and says i miss her very much . i saved u but i could not save my ruhi . she united me and raman .

The next day ishita and suhani go to their respective work place . it is a holiday for pihu and yuvan
They talk about their father . yuvan says i even asked ishi mausibut she even did not tell about my father . pihu says whenever i ask mumma about papa she says badh mein bataungi , i will tell later , but till now she has never told me . we r seven years old yuvan . we r not kids now . we have to find out our papa . at night when ishita and suhani have not returned and at home there is only aditi (their house’s maid who is considered as sister to ishita and suhani and takes care of yuvan and pihu ) pihu and yuvan go to suhani’s room and climbs on the stool to take suhani’s bag that suhani hides always . when yuvan is about to take the bag somebody shouts yuvan . yuvan is frightened and is about to fall down , pihu holds him . the voice is suhani’s . she comes and makes yuvan come down . she says yuvan i told never to touch my things . and pihu u . u will also not tell yuvan is it . now yuvan u will be punished for this . i will not talk to u for a week ok and goes angrily . pihu says please suhani mausi don’t punish him ,please . suhani goes out and cries and talks to herself , she says pihu if i tell him this only he will not go near that bag again , i am sorry yuvan .

At night ishita comes home . she goes to her room and sees pihu sleeping in the room , ishita and pihu shared a room .suhani and yuvan shared a room . she sees so gayi itni jaldi . she goes outside and sees suhani working . she goes to suhani’s room , she sees yuvan crying she goes to him . he hugs her . she asks mera baccha ro kyun raha hai why is my child crying . he says voh mumma . ishita says mumma ne danta . yuvan says han mausi and hugs her . ishita says shall i scold mum for scolding u and goes wid yuvan outside where suhani is working . she says suhani why did u scold yuvan . suhani says di don’t support him now , u don’t know what he did . ishita says whatever he did u should not be so harsh suhani . suhani says tik hai mein hi galath hun u know di he tried to take the bag which i have . ishita says really . she says yuvan don’t cry now mumma will talk to u . u did wrong or not . yuvan says han but . ishita says say sorry and u will never do that mistake to mumma she will forgive u . yuvan goes and hugs suhani and says what and all ishita told to suhani . suhani hugs him .ishita smiles

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    Ishita yuvaan bonding is nice .plz make d couples meet soon

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  3. I like this very much soon next episodes .i am eagerly waiting for it. Good job plzz continue

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