ishra and yuvani-love (epi 3)

recap : ishita and suhani share their worries wid each other .
A beautiful girl is sleeping . mrs .bhalla goes and wakes the girl . she says ruhi puttar ut ja jaldi get up fast . or else it will become late for ur school . ruhi gets up . she says dadi from today my summer holiday’s starts ok so let me sleep . mrs .bhalla says sorry puttar i became old no that’s why i don’t remember things nowadays . adi kahan hai . ruhi says in a sleepy tone , voh adi bhaiya ,he went to college already . mrs.bhalla says but college is at 9 o clock right . ruhi says han vbut he will go to temple and then he will go to college directly . mrs.bhalla says really . ruhi says han dadi ab let me sleep gud night . raman comes there . ruhi says papa ap yahan . raman says han ruhi mein hun yes ruhi this is me . ruhi gets up and hugs raman . he says ruhi now get up we r going out .ruhi says really we r going out . ruhi says really . i will get up and get ready . she goes and takes her phone . she takes her ishima’s photo and kisses her ishima . she says ishima u no papa is taking me out i don’t know where but i am so happy , because he came back after 5 days from office and he is taking me out also . but ishima u know its not like before . when i go to school i miss u . each and every minute i miss u . love u i am going out . hope u r happy somewhere ishima .
Ishita is walking in the road wid pihu . suhani has also come to delhi in search of work . she also is walking the same way . ishita sees suhani . ishita says suhani tum yahan . suhani says di aap . ishita and suhani share their story . ishita says we should not be here then . i have a friend in Australia we will go there . suhani agrees . they go and settle in Australia . they even become very close .
Fb ends

Raman loves ishita , but hates her only because she left him . this is the same wid yuvraj too but he is unaware that he has a son .

At birla house .
Yuvraj says shall we go out . yuvani says sure papa .

At a restaurant
Raman meets yuvraj . he says hi mr.birla nice meeting u . shall we talk about the deal . ruhi and yuvani are shocked . they say papa in unison . ruhi who is fourteen and bigger than yuvani says . hi to yuvani and asks her name . yuvani says i am yuvani and u . ruhi says mein ruhi hun . we will go and sit there . ruhi thinks if ishima’s baby would have been there wid us baby also would be of yuvani’s age . yuvani asks didi what r u thinking . ruhi says nothing yuvani . raman comes there and says ruhi sorry this was a business meet . u be wid yuvani . i will talk wid mr.birla and come back . u both order something . ruhi says yuvani what will u eat . ruhi orders her and yuvani’s favourite . yuvani slowly starts talking to ruhi she says ruhi didi u all r very lucky . all have mothers but only i in this world don’t have a mother . ruhi says really , u know i have two two mothers . one very favourite but both r not wid me . shagun mumma is busy wid her son rohan and manoj uncle . ishima she left us . yuvani says dadi takes care of me but i miss my mumma i have not even seen her photo.
Ruhi says u miss ur mumma a lot . i too miss my ishima .
To be continued

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  1. nice epi some more twists some more about family members nice track i like it

  2. It is really nice

  3. Too gud yaar

  4. jasmine Rahul

    ruhi n yuvaani missing their mothers very much.theirs was a sad scene.raman yuvraaj met 4 business deal.thats cool.ishita suhani fb scene of how they r 2gether was nice.

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