ishra and yuvani -love (epi 15)(last epi)

After 2 days
Ishita and raman organise a party , they call the birlas to visit them and also for the party .
The party begins the host says the party will be incomplete without dance , now i request all the couples to come on the dance floor please . ishita-raman , suhani-yuvraj and all the other couples dance gracefully .yuvraj and suhani are dancing
Suddenly suhani faints , all get shocked . yuvraj takes suhani inside the room . they call a doctor .
Doctor tells all of them to go out . all of them wait outside , while ,ishita and yuvraj are tensed . doctor comes out wid a smiley face , she says suhani is expecting . yuvraj gets happy . ishita hugs raman . yuvan and yuvani ask what happened papa . what happened to mumma . yuvraj says yuvan yuvani , u r going to get a lil brother or sister soon . yuvan and yuvani hug each other
Yuvraj goes in and shares the news wid suhani , she gets very happy . ishita says travelling to Allahabad is bad during pregnancy , i will take care of suhani , please don’t go back to Allahabad right now . all agree
After 10 months
Suhani is admitted to hospital . the doctor comes out and says congrats , it is a baby girl . yuvraj says i am very happy and hugs raman . he then goes in to meet suhani .
He hugs suhani ,he says thank u suhani and kisses her forehead . she says i am so happy yuvraj , baby girl . yuvani and yuvan come in and see the baby . yuvan says yeh kitni choti hai mumma . yuvani says yes now i have my own sister , who will play wid me .
Ishita hugs raman she says i am so happy raman , all r together now , yuvraj and suhani . raman says we r also together ishita . i don’t know how i spent my seven years of life without u .ishita says bas raman don’t talk about past , shall we go and see the baby now . raman says ok .
Ishita takes baby in hands , she says kitni cute hai . suhani says where r pihu adi and ruhi ishu di . ishita says actually they r coming . suhani says yuvraj u informed ma no . yuvraj says . there comes a voice , he informed . it was pratima . pratime comes there and takes the child from ishita . she says kitni pyari hai . ishita says ek selfie banta hai na suhani . suhani says han di . ishita takes a selfie wid ,ruhi adi ,pihu and the whole birla family .
There was full of happiness in everyone’s life after that
IshRa and yuvAni were united now ,
Ishita and raman’s life became more beautiful because of ,pihu ruhi and adi . so was yuvraj and suhani’s life , they enjoyed every moment of life wid ,yuvani ,yuvan and ashni (yuvani’s new born baby )
The end

sorry if I had made some mistakes in my ff
Thank u for all the support u gave so far through comments . bye bye ,good wishes

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  1. Awesome… my dear… wish something good happens in the real story tooo

    1. thank u

  2. Nyce yaar…do strt a new ff

    1. thank u nithu , will try to start a new ff after some days

  3. jasmine Rahul

    party was very nice.Suhani fainted.was surprised 2 know abt her pregnancy.She gave b’th 2 a baby girl.happy 2 c Yuvani-Ishra living happily with their children.Nice ending.I like ur ffs.bcz u end it on a happy note without dragging.i like such short n sweet ffs.
    Y did’nt u update Lovely saathiya n a new start?Plz give 2 parts 2 compensate.plz start a new sns ff on post leap after ahem’s death

    1. thank u .very happy to know that u like my ff’s . I will update the other ff ok

  4. Reshma Pradeep

    Its AWESOME as Yaar……..Loved it……..

    1. thank u reshma Pradeep

  5. Superbb yar

    1. thank u sameera

  6. Plz start new one ff and from school starts like yuvraj have a crush on suhani like that

  7. Superb story yaar

  8. awesome.. Komal di you too start writing hahahaha

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