ishra and yuvani-love (epi 13)


Ishita says raman dont inform anybody that u found me and pihu .dont tell asnything ok , specially to adi . it will be a surprise to them ..
The next day ,suhani and ishita are ready wid their bags . they hugeach other . ishita and suhani cry . yuvan and pihu hug and cry . ishita says suhani keep in contact ok , keep visiting us ok . suhani says ishu di u will not forget me no . ishita says pagli how can i forget u and hugs suhani , she then hugs yuvan and says yuvan dont trouble ur mumma much ok , there u will get dadi , chacha ,chachi dont forget me ok . yuvan says ishi mausi come to our home after u go to delhi ok . ishita says sure mera bachha and kisses yuvan . suhani kisses pihu . then they leave for india . indifferent flights .raman consoles ishita while , yuvraj consoles suhani . suhani says yuvraj ishita di has been a big support for me , i dont how am i going to live without her . yuvraj says we will meet ishita ji soon after going to allahabad ok.
All of them reach india , suhani reaches allahabad while ishita ,raman , ruhi and shagun’s family .
Ishita and raman reach their house . ishita says raman i am coming back after seven years this entry should be very nice , dont say i have come just call all of them out , dont say i or pihu have come . raman says ok and goes in wid ruhi , he says , simmi , mummyji , papa ji , romi,adi come here . simmi says bhai u came from australia . raman says simmi and all family members , by the way where is adi . mrs.bhalla says he heard u but . raman says ok fine now all family members come outside ,there are two surprises for u . simmi says we r not kids bhai , tell the surprise . raman says come outside simmi . all family members come out and are shocked and happy seeing ishita . they hug ishita . ishita then shows them pihu . all get very happy seeing pihu . ishita has seen everyone but her eyes were searching somebody . raman says to ishita he does not want to come out , i mean he did not come out when i called him . ishita says fine and goes in . she sees adi sitting in the room alone ,writing diary .she closes his eyes from behind . adi says who is this , oh ruhi chod na .

this is not the way to say u came from australia . adi says no yar u r not ruhi , u would have taken ur hands by now if u were ruhi . adi says then whom .he touches ishita’s hand and says ishima , no no . ishita says why no no and takes her hand .adi is shocked , he says ishima ap and hugs her . but no this is my dream , how can u come back , mr.raman bhalla hates u . ishita pulls adi’s ears . he says ya ishima this is not a dream and hugs ishita . ishita says u did not talk to ur father for me ,adi nods his head . ishita says u know he only brought me here . adi says no he will never bring u back . ishita says but he brought me . adi says really . ishita says han really . adi goes out , he sees raman standing there . he apologises to him . raman and adi hug each other . ishita smiles .

Pihu comes there and says mumma u told there will be adi bhaiya but where is he adi turns and sees pihu . ishita says adi this is pihu ur sister . adi says really , and hugs pihu . he says yeh to bilkul ruhi ki tarah dikti hai ishima . ishita says yes adi . adi says now my family is complete .

Precap: suhani gets a grand welcome in birla house
ishita’s birthday celebrations

Credit to: varshini

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  1. Varshini sorry but I don’t get he storyline at all. Plz can u explain the story to me from the beginning.

  2. actually this story is that ishita and suhani were friends , so when suhani left Birla house and ishita left bhalla house they both started living together wid pihu and yuvan . now raman and ishita and yuvraj and suhani have reconciled , so they r going back to india , suhani to Allahabad and ishita to delhi ,so they cry ,on how they will be without each other’s company . hope u would have understood something

  3. jasmine Rahul

    ISHITA REACHED BHALLA HOUSE.I LIKED ISHITA SURPRISING ADI BY ENTERING HIS ROOM.adi ishita union was so beautiful.when he realized that raman brought her back he apologized 2 raman n ended their long fight.adi seeing pihu was also waiting 2 c how suhani experienced reaching her sasural

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