ishra and yuvani-love (epi 12)


Shagun’s family , wid ruhi raman and yuvraj stay in ishita and suhani’s house . they enjoy in australia . at night , suhani comes out to drink water . yuvani also comes there and sees suhani . she says mumma , u did not remember me these many days , why did u leave me . suhani says yahan ao and makes yuvani sit near her . she hugs yuvani and cries , yuvani says why r u crying mumma . suhani says yuvani i did not know i had a daughter at all ,yuvani says really . suhani says i thought i only had a son , i have not given a mother’s love to u in these many years beta . yuvani says it is ok mumma ,now u r there wid me no , u give the same love and affection u give to yuvan to me also . suhani says u r very understanding beta and hugs her .
Yuvaj is seeing a cricket match in tv . yuvan comes and sits near him . yuvraj asks yuvan which player do u like the most , yuvan says dhoni indian team’s captain . yuvraj says really i also like our captain. Yuvraj says sorry yuvan i was not wid u for these many days . yuvan says it is ok papa , mumma told me that u did not know i was there . yuvraj says will u forgive me . yuvan says it is ok papa and hugs yuvraj . yuvraj thinks u are only seven and u r so intelligent and mature .

At ishita’s room pihu and raman r talking , raman says pihu u like dosa very much . pihu says han papa how do u know , raman says because i also like dosa . pihu says we both think same papa . raman says whose daughter u r . ishita says pihu too bad u forgot me . pihu ko chodiye mein hun na , says ruhi . ishita says a jao and hugs her . she says pihu u be wid papa only , i have my ruhi , pihu says no no and comes towards ishita . ishita smiles and teases raman , she says dekiye pihu bhi aa gayi . raman says adi will be in my side only . raman then gets sad . ishita says raman u did not tell adi about me till now right , dont tell him , we will go to india then talk to him , i will also convince him he will talk to u .pihu says show me adi bhiya’s photo no . raman shows pihu . pihu says i want to meet my adi bhaiya soon . ishita says ok pihu we will go , u go and play wid yuvan,yuvani and rohan . pihu says ruhi didi u also come na. Ruhi says wait i will come . raman says hamare bacche bade ho gaye hai ishita . ishita says aur ham bude. Raman says no we r still the same way when we got married .

Credit to: varshini

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  1. Nicee just loved it… :-*

  2. Suhani Yuvani scene was so emotional n lovely.Pihu too likes…waiting 4 ishita Pihu adi meeting

  3. Its gud, u uploaded after such a long time…

  4. jasmine Rahul

    Sorry…instead of Jasmine rahul it became Ka while posting my comment

    1. I knew it was u , no need to say sorry . actually I knew that it was u after seeing ur style of commenting and the unique picture that u have

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