ishra and yuvani-love (epi 11)


Ruhi says papa u were always wrong ,ishima was always right go and apologise to her . u made her leave the house , she only slapped u that too when u asked about pihu . raman cries . suhani who is also there says han raman jiju , she missed u a lot , i know her pain because i was always wid her , she has never told a word against u after u did so much to her . shagun says han raman go and apologise to her . raman says ok i will go .
Raman knocks ishita ‘s door . ishita who is crying comes and opens the door . ishita says ab yahan kyun aye hai , to take my daughter is it . raman says no ishita , i have come to take u back to bhalla house . ishita is shocked . raman says i am sorry ishita forgive me , i made a big mistake by sending u out . the words u told me today made me realise my mistake . ishita is shocked, she says really raman . raman says han ishita , will u forgive . ishita says han raman and hugs him . pihu comes there , she asks who is this mumma , u slapped him in the hotel also who is he . ishita says yeh tumhare papa hai pihu . raman says han beta and hugs her . ishita says u always wanted ur papa right . pihu says han mumma , u got me my papa .ishita says raman and hugs him . ishita cries . raman says bas ishita know i will never let u cry in ur life time . ishita says raman what made u apologise to me . raman says that dadi ma . ishita says ruhi . raman says han she was saying papa u were always rong ishima is right and all that , actually i got emotional when ruhi was saying and realise my mistake ishu . ishita says pihu ur papa loves u a lot . raman says han beta we will go back to our home , after somedays . there u have adi bhaiya also . ishita says adi , how is he . raman says han , he is fine but he does not talk to me at all , ishita is shocked she says, really . pihu asks who is adi bhaiya . ishita says adi bhaiya is ur big brother , u have ruhi didi no , like that u have bhaiya also . pihu says han mumma , now i have a family like the serial in tv . ishita says jald milenge un logo se , u have a bua , vaise raman how is ananya . raman says han she is fine . pihu says wow , now i will have dada , dadi , bua , ananya didi , and ishima who u told , han shravan anna . nana ,nani . ishita says nana nani nahi , call them , thatha ,pati they will like it because they r tamilians no , if u call them thatha pati they will get happy , pihu says ok mumma . pihu raman and ishita go to hotel .
At night , ishita says i am so lucky to get a husband like u raman,thank u so much . raman says past seven years many things happened in our life ishita , all these things happened because of me only ishita . ishita says no raman dont think about our past , now , we have pihu adi and ruhi are our life raman . raman says fine i will not talk about it and hugs ishita . pihu comes there and says mujhe bhool gaye na . ishita says nobody forgot u tum bhi aa jao . pihu comes and hugs ishita and raman . ruhi comes there . she says is beti ko bul gaye . ishita says hamari pyari ruhi ko ham kaise bul sakte hai tum bhi aa jao . ishita says adi bhi yahan hota to accha lagta na . raman says he will never come here if i call him , he will never talk to me . ishita says raman adi will talk to u and come here , i will talk to him , because of me only he is angry wid u , i will talk to him ok . raman says ok . ishita says bacchon , we will stay in this hotel today and tomorrow we will go to our house . pihu says uske bad , ishita says india . pihu says really now i will not only see india in serials but in real life also wow . ruhi smiles .
To be continued .
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Credit to: varshini

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    Plzz give link of previous episode

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    wow Ishra united.Pihu can see India in real.ha ha.Waiting 4 them 2 reach India

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