ishra and yuvani-love (epi 10)

Recap:ruhi meets ishita , ruhi ,ishita and pihu share a happy moment .

Ishita hugs ruhi . ruhi cries and says ishima i am so happy to see u and pihu ishima . ishita says bas bas , ab rona nahi , u were telling me not to cry and now . ruhi says sorry and hugs ishita . ishita asks voh papa kaise ,ruhi says he is not coming to home at all now a days , he misses u very much but he does not show it out , adi bhaiya has a lot of fights with papa . ishita is shocked . ruhi says ishima , come wid me . ishita goes wid her wid pihu . she sees shagun wid manoj , suhani , rohan and yuvani and yuvan there . shagun is shocked and happy to see ishita suddenly . she hugs ishita . she says ishita tum , ishita says han , this is pihu and shows pihu . shagun says pihu ur baby , ishita pihu exactly looks like ruhi . ishita says han shagun and hugs her . ishita says pihu this shagun mausi , this is manoj uncle and this ,hey rohan tum yahan . rohan says hi aunty . shagun says u know him already . rohan says han mumma this aunty only helped me that day . shagun says yeh mera beta hai . ishita says rohan is shagun mausi’s son . pihu says hi . ishita sees suhani , yuvani , yuvan , she says aap log yahan . suhani tells her meeting wid shagun and suhani is shocked that she could not meet raman ,

Suhani says di ur ruhi is alive and hugs ishita . ishita says han suhani my ruhi is alive . ishita says u all should come to my home . ruhi says bas ishima i want u back . ishita is shocked , she says but ur papa . raman comes there and is shocked seeing ishita there . he says ishita and hugs her . he cries . ishita also cries . pihu asks who is this mumma . raman sees pihu he is shocked to see pihu as she looks exactly like ruhi . ishita says hamari beti . raman goes and hugs pihu . he says u r a selfish woman ishita u kept me and my daughter away . ishita says u did not know this when u told me to get out , u did not know this when i was going out of ur house with pihu raman and slaps raman, raman is shocked he shouts how dare u. . ishita goes out angrily holding pihu’s hand raman thinks ya i should have stopped her when she left home and cries . ruhi says u were always wrong papa , ishima was right , now go and apologise to her


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Credit to: varshini


  1. jasmine Rahul

    ishita ruhi union was so emotional n lovely.others r surorised 2 c pihu who looks like ruhi.ishra met.but shocking 2 c raman acusing ishita of keeping pihu away from him.sad that ishita slapped raman.he is guilty.will he apologize?

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