ishra and yuvani-love (epi 1)

Sorry friends i forgot to tell u one thing . dadi is dead in this ff . she died after somedays after suhani leaves the house . she had had a natural death.
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A women comes inside a room .she says bacchon get up u will be late for school then . pihu gets up (she looks like ruhi). she says mumma i will not get late because i know when to get up . ok meri ma now come wid me . pihu goes wid ishita . pihu says mumma u forgot to wake up yuvaan . ishita says no pihu beta i did not forget . however he will say ishi mausi i will sleep for some time more , then i should call suhani , why all this i will wake him after u get ready . just then suhani comes there .she says ishita di(suhani calls ishita di because she is elder than her ) . i am leaving for office . make yuvaan ready and send him to school . i will meet him after coming back . pihu goes and hugs suhani . suhani says bye beta and goes . ishita says now i will go and wake up yuvaan . she goes and wakes up yuvaan . she says wake up beta its becoming late for me. Then yuvaan gets up . he says good morning ishi mausi . she says good morning and says now go yuvaan beta .go and brush ur teeth . he says ok but where is mumma , she went to office. Without seeing me .really ,she will never go like that . suddenly suhani comes and says surprise , happy birthday yuvaan . today ur 7 years old . ishita hugs yuvaan and says happy birthday my prince, he says thanq ishimausi . pihu wishes him a happy birthday . he hugs her . they all celebrate yuvaan’s birthday .
Meanwhile in birla house yuvaani is also celebrating her birthday . she cuts the cakes and gives the first bite to yujvraj then pratima then soumya nd krishnaa . all wish her a happy birthday .
Yuvaan says u surprised me a lot ishimausi , i loved it . all this plan was ur mumma’s yuvaan i just helped her. Yuvaan hugs suhaani . suhani says u r happy , then i am also happy
Birla house
Yuvraj says take ur gift princess and gives her a big teddy bear , big Barbie doll set , 5 dresses , chocolates , a video game and many more things . (yuvani is not such a spoiled brat in this like the original but she is little spoilt because of so much love that yuvraj gave her )
She says thanq papa and hugs yuvraj . she says i love u papa . yuvraj is very happy .

Suhani’s house
Ishita goes to her room . she cries . she thinks i miss u raman , i miss each and everyday without u . just then she hears somebody knock the door . she opens the door . suhani and yuvan were standing there . she says come in why are u standing ther come in. They come inside ishita’s room . ishita says yuvan u go and sleep its becoming late . yuvan goes . suhani says ishita di aap ro rahi ti , u were crying , ishita says no suhani but , before she finishes the sentence she break downs and cries . suhani says i can understand u di , i miss yuvraj the same di . this is our life , our life is of our children only di , we should move on di , it had been seven years . we r a family , pihu loves yuvan as her own brother , they fight but they love each other very much di . and u , ur are my di , best friend mother and every thing for me , don’t cry di , u have to be strong . for me , for our children . past is past . i know u love raman bhai very much bu t the misunderstanding . ishita hugs suhani . suhani cries
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Credit to: varshini


  1. jasmine Rahul

    Loved ishita Suhani bonding.sad that both r undergoing the same situation n same pain.Loved the family moments of Ishita Suhani,Pihu n Yuvaan.There Yuvani celebrating b’day with Yuvraj,Now waiting to see the condition in bhalla house

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