Hello all!! This is my very 1st fan fiction on YHM…infact I was motivated to write this…I hope all love this and im expecting ur reviews over this fanfiction!! And here it goes:

Raman kumar:
A very cheerful ,charming and a bit naughtanki buissness man!! A punjabi and has a gr8 love for food (which punjabi doesnt like food!)

Ishitha iyer:
A typical tamilian who cares for all and loves the person who loves her…

Ramans cute little sister who is 2 years younger to him..ishitha and rinki were best friends during their school time but due to circumstances rinki had to go to mumbai for her further studies and couldn’t meet for a long time..

Ishitha’s parents:vishwanath and madhavi

Ramans parents:mr.bhalla and mrs.bhalla

Ishitha’s house is opposite to raman’s house…

And now the story begins on how raman and ishitha meet…and their tragedies with alot of up’s and down’s..twist and tales in their own life….

I would continue the story after I get reviews on this plot…

Credit to: peppy

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  1. Wow nice plz post daily and don’t leave in between ITS A REQUEST

    1. Sure buddy!!I have no plans of leaving dis fan fiction half d way…my holidays are starting and I thought I would write it…and thnq so much!!:-)

  2. plzzz cntinue veryyyy nice

    1. Thnq!!ya I would soon update:-)

  3. Nice intro dude.Continue writing.We will surely motivate u through our comments.

    1. Thnq!! Ur comment means a lot to me!!:)

  4. Yes you can always start. …and we will support you as long as you are regular. …and plz don’t leave in between the story. ..its a request …

    1. Ya!!when I was a silent reader I used to get very irritated when ppl left it half d way.. I promise that I wouldn’t lv btwn!! Thnq !!:-)

  5. Its Nice intro yaar…………But plzzzzzzz don’t stop it in half way & post it regularly………………..

    1. Ya sure!!i will post it regularly!!thnq:)

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