ISHRA YHM FF (Episode 5)

ishu: why?why?why does he have to do this to me…

(ishu started crying a kerchief into a pulp..she couldnt take it in and accept it…she knew that shagun likes raman looking at her closness towards raman)

(miku enters..ishu tries to cover it up..and seem to be all is well)

miku:akka wat hpnd akka?

ishu: nothing….wat hpnd..nothing hpnd…everything is done

(exactly when ishu started to gret more closer towards felt like he was moving away from her..)

on the otherside..

raman: wat happend to this ishitha why dint she join me?

miku:wat hpnd akka tell na?plz..

ishu: (started crying)

miku: akka listen down..u r a very strong person..looking @u makes me cry..plz akka(and hugs her)\

ishu: there is this guy called raman..its been almost 3 weeks that i know him and idk i really like him..but idk if he feels d same..

miku: arrey akka!this is d problem..go and tell me..try making more conversations wid him…..

ishu: thats not the problem miku..i saw dis girl called shagun who was ramans neighbour and now shes shifted for him..i think she loves him..they both r going for dinner today..

miku: do u think that guy likes u..

ishu: idk miku…but i like him..
miku: u like him na..not love him forget it..(and walks away)

ishu:(holds her hand) fyn i love him..happy?

miku: wow akka..ok gv me some tym..i ll b back..

ishu: hmm…

the next day raman was down..when ishitha came down

raman starts to wave at ishu..

ishu sees and walks away..

ramans confused….

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  1. Nice episode
    Plz update long episode
    And when is holi episode

    1. I have no plans of putting Holi episode for now..I ll see..thnq!!:)

  2. like like like …. super like … kp it up .. looking forward to more ff episodes

  3. Nice one… But plz update long episode

  4. Wow ishu is jelouse! Luv ur ff a lot. But please update long one.

  5. Its Nice……But Plzzzzz update longggggggggg one……………

    1. Yup…I ll make it more longer..and thnq!!:)

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