ISHRA YHM FF (Episode 4)


At home….

Ishu: Mishima come and see if u like it??

Miku: wow akka…I’m loving it…ur choice is gud..

Ishu: itz not my choice..itz his..we both hv d same taste…

Miku:ha?what did u say akka…

Ishu:nothing..nothing…I just said ur sisters choice is always d best..

Miku: hmm…whatever…

Ishu:hmm… Amma I’m going down for a walk…bye…

Miku: (mind voice) looks like she’s hiding something…

As she goes down stairs…she sees Raman walking…

Shagun: hey hi!!raman how are u??long tym…

Raman: hey r u..I’m gr8!!u shifted here??

(Shagun was Ramans neighbour in his old apartment and Shagun has a lot of feelings towards Raman..but Raman has never considered more than a friend)

Shagun: hmm…yeah…after u had also shifted to native..and I was d only one dere…I was feeling so lonely…so I shifted here..and I missed u so much…

(Saying this Shagun hugged Raman and Ishitha was seeing this and was shocked)
(Ishu got teary eyed and decided to leave…when Raman saw her)

Raman:hey Ishitha..come here…

(Putting on a smile outside and having pain inside she went towards Raman)

Ishu: hi Raman..

Raman: Ishitha she is Shagun my best buddy…and Shagun she is Ishitha my neighbour and my new frnd…

(This hurted her even more)

Shagun:hello…btw Raman r u free we can go for lunch today??
Raman:Haan..sure I’m free..Ishitha do u wanna join..

Ishu: no I have a slight headache.. U guys can go….

(Saying this she went home)

Sorry guys this update was small I will pakka make a longer one the next time…i shall continue…stay tuned..

Credit to: Peppy

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