ISHRA YHM FF (Episode 3)


hi!guys!here goes ur 3rd epi:

(ishitha in the clinic and mihika calls(mihika plays the same role as in yhm))


ishu: ha! mihika tell me?
mihika: akka where r u ? ru free?
ishu: in d clinic! all my appointments are done…im free!why?

mihika; akka my frnd is dere na?rhea..her sangeet is day after and u know im her best buddy..she wants me to be dere wid her for the whole day…

ishu: ha!ohk!

mihika: but akka i hv to buy a lehenga…and im busy…so can u go and buy it for me??

ishu: u also come …how ll i know ur size?or we ll go tmrw

mihika: akka plz…im busy tmrw also…so u go na??plz plz plz

ishu: ok… ok..fyn i ll go..send me ur size and all…

mihika: k i ll txt u…luv u akka!bye!

ishu: butter everybody ok?bye!
(keeps the phone)

ishu: (mind voice) how i wish somebody accompanys me…ohk let mw go home..freshen up and ill go to shopping..

(ishu gets freshend @ home…wears a beautiful simple saree with her hair open and goes to the parking lot where she sees raman and goes towards him)

ishu:hey!how r u doing?

raman: (looks @ her and lost in her beauty)


raman:oh!hi!im gr8!how r u?

ishu:ya gud…

raman: so?going to clinic?

ishu:no!no!going to buy clothes…itz gonna get boring..cuz im the only one who is going!

raman: if u dont mind i can accompany u!

ishu: ya love it!

raman:ok then lets leave!

(raman gets exicted and they both leave)

in the car…

ishu:btw ur name??

raman: raman..and you?


they both reach the mall…and after buying clothes…

ishu: can we hv a cup of coffee?

raman: ya sure!

in the coffee shop…

raman: are those clothes for u..

ishu: no no..for my cousin sis…she stays wid us..

raman:oh nice!

ishu: and how many siblings do u hv?

raman: 1 sis..rinki..but shes in mumbai..i luv her soo much..itz been almost 2 years that i hv seen her..i miss her alot..
(he gets teary eyed)

ishu:oh thats ohk…(she holds his hand)

yeh hai mohabbattein plays…

all that raman wanted to tell her was just dont leave my hand…..

ok guys..i feel it is getting a bit boring…but all d twists r coming up..if u guys feel it boring plz do comment…stay tuned for more good things yet to come!!:)

Credit to: peppy

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  1. Hey am also tru ing to write an ff can u plz tell me how to fill captcha

    1. im not getting u?
      do u want to start ur own fan fiction?

  2. I think it’s not boring.. Good only,but update it long yaar

    1. thnq!i ll make it longer:)

  3. please update long episode

  4. itss nice episode

    1. Thnq cherry!!:)

  5. Its nt boring. Who said that its boring. Its not boring for me peppy.

    1. Oh thnq so so much ude… Happy hearing from u!!:)

  6. Yup I am trying to write my own fan fiction but error is occuring in submission coz I am filling capcha wrong can u plz tell me how to fill it

    1. Hey buddy!!i think ur getting confused…there is a option called “submit it ur article” on the top…and once u click it scroll down and type ur name,email id, fan fiction name and ur article….after that in d category give fan fiction….and submit ur article..try it and let me know if it works…:)

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