ISHRA YHM FF (Episode 2)


After a very long day…a tiring ishitha was returning home where she saw Raman on the road….
Ishitha: wait this is the same guy who I fought with today what is he doing here?

(Telling this she stopped d car and asked him..)

Ishitha:hmmm….excuse me

Raman:(mind voice)omg this girl …Raman escape from her don’t get into trouble..and then again she would start…

Raman:ya!what do u want?

Ishitha:did ur car break down or something…I can drop u…if u don’t mind…

Raman: no it’s alri8..I ll call d mechanic and get it done..thnq!!

Ishitha:don’t hesitate so much..I’m really sorry for what happened today morning..I wa just in a hurry…I know u stay In my apartment..I shall drop u….plz…later I would feel guilty..

Raman:hmm…Ohk..u don’t need to apologise…

(And so Raman gets into ishitha’s car)
In the car….

Raman: btw wat is it with u and those punjabis…do u hate them or something??

Ishitha:omg!dont even ask…early in d morning they play loud music and kill everyone in d apartment..since they r the secretary of the apartment nobody can speak to them…but I can’t be like them…I’m very direct in my own ways…


Ishitha:u tell me where do u work..what’s ur profession…

Raman:I am basically a business man…

Ishitha:and where do u stay?

Raman:ri8 opp to ur house!

(Ishitha stopped the car)

Ishitha:wait what did u say??

Raman:I mean..I mean opp block of ur house..

Ishitha:oh!obviously such a decent guy and a bit good looking guy can never come from that punjabi family…

Raman looks at ishitha…
Yeh hai mohabbattein plays…

They reached their home..and got down…

Raman:ok!then bye !!and thnq!!

Ishitha:my pleasure…we r like friends now don’t hv to thank..
Raman:”like friends?”we r friends”
(Ishitha looks in Ramana eyes)
Saying this Raman walks away..

Ishitha:this guy looks kind hearted…hmm…

She went home thinking abt him..and only him….

Credit to: Peppy

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  1. Wow…….Superb……..The cover pic is also Soooo Nice………

    1. Thnq so much!!:)ur comment means a lot to me!:)

  2. Nice episode.. Plz update regularly and long…

    1. Thnq!!ya I ll make it longer d next time..and update hopefully soon!!:)

  3. Wowwwwwwww ?????

  4. nice episode

  5. Nice one peppy loved the conversation between ishra it’s nice keep updating regularly !! 🙂

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