ISHRA YHM FF (Episode 16)


okay…im really sorry guys…i hope u guys remember me…im really sorry for the delay..i dint hv time …im sorry …i cant forgive myself…i hope u guys remember my ff…(safu, reshma and ude guys im really sorry….ude sorry for not replying ..but i hope u guys continue to support me!!<3) our ep 15 ended with ishras beautiful time in the car…and how they both arent ready to our ep 16 starts here:\

ishu woke up due to a call form her best friend RINKI(who is also ramans sis..shes in US)

rinki: hey ishu!how r u?how s ur work all going?!

ishu: wow!u remember me!!how nice…

rinki: hey!im really sorry huh!? guess wat im coming to india next week!!

ishu: omg!finally u hv plans of meeting me huh?!anyways im dying to meet u…i cant wait to meet u!

rinki: hmm yeah….okay..i g2g..ill ttyl okay?!im sorry huh?!

ishu: dats all fyn!bye tc…

she smiles and disconnects the call….

ishu comes down she sees raman and shagun together(shagun is ramans bestie..i hope u guys remember))

shagun: hey r u?

ishu hugs shagun and says shes good…

they hv a talk and ishu says shes getting late and leaves…

shagun: did u confess ur love to her raman?!

raman: not taking the 1st step …lets see…how long this can go..

shagun: dont make her wait so much…u hv to face alot of problems later..u know ur family and her family always hv a fight…first confess to her plz..

raman: ill think about it…

shagun leaves..

raman picks up the phone and calls ishu..

ishu: ah!raman tell me..

raman: hey u free tonight?

ishu: hmm…ya…y?

raman: ll go out for dinner!

ishu:why not..ll go…

raman; okay madrassan…come home fast!!

ishu; okayy bye!!!

ishu( mind voice): i was waiting for this day!!!!2day he has to confess!!

she drives smiling…

yeh hai mohabbattein plays….

Credit to: peppy

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  1. Nice story and plzzz continue yrr

  2. after such a long time you’re back. happy to see you don’t stop it midway . your story line is very lovely . waiting for next one . one more thing have to say your update is short as before. please make it bit long.

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Where were You gone yaar???I Missed it…….Plz dont stop it in mid way now………..Anyways, Todays Epi is Superb!!!!!!

  4. Nice

  5. vrryyy gud

  6. When u will upt 17 episode I am waiting to read

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