ISHRA YHM FF (Episode 1)


Hello all!!thnq so much for ur reviews!!and here goes ur 1st episode:

As the sun rose and the wind blew her beautiful silky hair..all she thought was a pleasant morning started..with a stretch she got up from her bed and washed her face(they show ishitha)

Ishu:ma where is today’s newspaper?
Madhavi:it should b outside Kanna go and get it.
Ishitha goes to pick up the newspaper outside…

“Dj wale Babu mere ganna and chala do..”plays from raman’s house

Ishitha:ah!!these punjabis kill me each mornining!!today I’m not gonna spare them!!

(Goes and knocks raman’s door)
(Mrs Bhalla opens with her sunglasses on)

Ishu:apko sense nahi hai kya!!early in the morning “Babu Babu”what is this ha??
Mrs Bhalla:hey!!ladki this is my house I will play music if I want or I will keep a band also what bothers u??we r punjabis and this is what we are..u go eat idli vada go!!

(Ishitha gets frustrated and leaves)

Ishitha:ma these ppl never understand I hv to leave to the clinic in 5mins pack my tiffin..

(Ishitha gets ready in a beautiful full hand kurta and leaves)

As she goes down the stairs ppl from her clinic calls her..and she’s talking..

Ishitha:ah!ah!im coming 5mins!!

As she walks she dashes a person and the person is Raman..but continues walking!!

Raman: oye!hello !!r u blind u just hit on me and walk away!!what have ur parents thought u??u don’t hv sense??

Ishitha who is already in hurry and in a tension disconnects the phone and walks towards him..

Ishitha:what? what?whats ur problem early in d morning why r u like this..ur even worse then those punjabi who stays opp to our house!!

(Raman’s expressions changes)

Ishitha:first of all i have to bear their songs early in d morning which spoils my day and then my clinic tension and now u want me to apologise to was a mistake can’t u see I’m in a hurry!!

Raman:hello !!hello!!stop rapping so much!!mata u don’t hv to apologize u already killed me with half ur lectures plz leave..

Ishitha leaves..

Raman:what type of a girl is she!!gosh!!

Ishitha never thought her day could go even worse..after she had treated ppl in her clinic..she sat and kept thinking of all the thing that had happend to her…

Credit to: Peppy

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  1. Nice…….post the next one soonnnnnnnnn……………

    1. Ya!! Hopefully soon!:)

  2. Wow nice

  3. Its really cute. Like it very much.

  4. Please make it little longer..and it’s really good…

  5. Thnq so much!!:)

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