Ishra and Virika love story part 7

Ishra and Virika love story part 7 (Last one)
Hi everyone thanks for commenting sorry for not posting lately been busy
Kajol; so ishita is that your final answer
Ishita: yes I wont let this happen
Kajol: why are you doing this
Ishita: because of that Raman
Ishita goes
Kajol: she is in love with that Raman I will make them unite
Srk talks to Raman
SRK: he is in love with ishita I will do my best to unite this couple big time
Raman: Viren pack yur bags your going to England for office meeting
Viren; okay
Ishita talks to jeevika
Ishita: ishita were going for vication get ready

The end Uncompleted love story
Guys don’t worry another season will start on February 20 it will continue from here where it left off I will be busy until then so im ending this one for a while this one will return as ishra and virika dubara part 1 it will continue from here im sorry for ending this but it will be back

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