Ishra and Virika love story part 7 PROMO

Ishra and Virika love story part 7 promo
Hi everyone sorry I cant post so it’s a promo
Shahrukh is seen talking to Raman
Raman: I don’t care Viren will not go to Jeevika
Shahrukh: you are gonna ruin your brother life
Raman leaves
Shahrukh: it looks like he love Jeevika sister I will make this Jodi reunite I Shahrukh khan will do this I am pretending to be Raj to reunite this love story and Kajol I don’t even know where she went my Kajol my meera
On the other hand
Kajol: ishita how can you do this to your own sister come on ishita seriously
Ishita: Jeevika will not meet Viren since Raman
Ishita leaves
Kajol: I think she loves this Raman
Kajol: I will reunite this and beside im looking for Shahrukh

Will SRK Kajol reunite Ishra and Virika? Will this make SRK KAJOL Raj and Meera come close?
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I will post soon im busy with exams

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