Ishra and Virika love story part 6


Ishra and Virika love story
Scene 1
Kajol is seen talking to Jeevika
Kajol: I Kajol no Meera promise to reunite you with Viren
Jeevika; thank you
Jeevika hugs Kajol
On the other hand Shahrukh khan is talking to Viren
Shahrukh: I will set ut on a mission to reunite you both and make a happy ending
Viren: thanks yaar
Shahrukh: okay bye I have to get to work
Shahrukh: I miht find meera in this process if that’s what happens
Kajol goes to Ishita
Kajol: sometimes ishita you have to not let a love story go down
Kajol: hi im meera
Ishita: heloo
Kajol: do you think destroying your own sister love story is a good thing
While Shahrukh is talking to Raman
Shahrukh: Raman you think that wrong because Love is something that we feel Love isn’t just easy love stays with us forever you have to understand that
Raman: how am I
Shahrukh: please let me complete this statement
Raman: ok
Shahrukh: do you think running your own brother love is a good thing I don’t think it is
Raman: o really and how do you know
Shahrukh: ive been searching for Meera in these 15 years 4 months 10 days
Raman: your actually counting
Shahrukh: and today is the 11 day
Shahrukh leaves leaving Raman thinking
Kajol on the other hand is explaining to Ishita
Kajol: love is borned you have to believe it
Ishita: but
Kajol; your sister loves you that’s why she isn’t talking to Viren btut do you think shell be happy from her heart ‘
Ishita: amm
Kajol: she wont since for love you can sacrafise yur life my love Raj is lost for 15 years I have prayed that I get him
Ishita: ammm
Kajol: ill be back
Kajol leaves
Ishita eyes blink
Ishita and Raman recall the moments they spent with their siblings
Ishita: but still I feel this is wrong Jeevika shouldn’t talk to Viren
Raman on the other hand
Raman: I think viren should stay away from Jeevika

Precap: Shahrukh and Kajol try to make ishita nd raman realise their mistake
Sorry for short update next one will be long

Credit to: aHTAYYAB

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