Ishra and Virika love story part 5

Ishra and Virika love story part 5
Hi everyone finally posting a part why has comments stopped please comment then I will respond tell me if you like the Shahrukh and Kajol track
Scene 1

Raman is seen warning Viren
Raman: you better concentrate on your work and not talk to Jeevika since her sister called me ego person
Viren: ok im sorry for yelling at you

On the other hand
Jeevika Is talking to ishita
Jeevika: I wont talk to Viren after his brother insulted you
Ishita: you don’t have to but you know what your doing the right thing
Viren calls Jeevika
Viren: Jeevika ji im sorry for my brother I cant talk to you
Viren cries
Jeevika: neither will I for my sister
Jeevika cries
A guy hears it and turns and walks toward Viren while a Girl comes to Jeevika
The guys eyes then ears then face is shown
Its Shahrukh khan ( Raj)
Shahrukh: heloo this is not a way to end love come on fight for love
Viren: how do you know
Shahrukh: because I have been searching for my love in these 15 years
Viren: woo whats your name
Shahrukh: Raj
Virem: Raj
Shahrukh: I will help you
Viren: but how
Shahrukh: just wait and watch
The girl comes to Jeevika

Its Kajol
Kajol; you shouldn’t give up your love
Jeecika: you don’t understand
Kajol: I have been searching for my love raj 15 years but have not found him I will help you
Jeevika: but how
Kajol: just wait and watch
Jeecika: my name is Jeevika

Kajol extends her hand
Jeevika shakes it
Kajol: Meera
Jeevika: nice name
Kajol: thanks

Precap: Kajol and Shahrukh set on a mission

Spoiler: Shahrukh and Kajol will help viren and Jeevika LOVE STORY

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  1. Why so short yar? :/

    1. The next one I will try to make it longer

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    Its gng Nice yaar……….But its tooooo short………Make the next one bit long na…………..Eagerly waiting for your next episode……………

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