Ishra and Virika love story part 4

Ishra and Virika Love Story part 4
Hi everyone the people who are complaining of being disrespectful to Raman its how an ego breaks Raman as in the introduction it said he had a big ego so that’s how it breaks
Scene 1
Ishita is typing her resignation letter and Jeevika letter as well
Jeevika: Ishita what are you doing
Jeevika sees her typing her resignation letter
Jeevika: your leaving this job
Ishita: no we are we aren’t gonna stay where there is an ego boss has no respect we will leave
Jeevika is speechless
Ishita prints the letter
Ishita sign it
Ishita: sign it and lets go home its no fun
Jeevika signs her letter

Ishita takes the letters to Raman
Ishita gives him the letter
Raman: I was thinking of letting you go and thanks for resigning you do no work anyways
Ishita: I have heard enough from you me and Jeevika both are resigning
Raman: okay leave
Ishita: ego person
Raman is left speechless after her saying ego person
Ishita goes to take her things
Viren comes to Jeevika
Viren: you cant leave this job
Jeevika: if my sister doesn’t stay I don’t stay
Viren: I like you Jeevika

Jeevika: its true I like you too
Viren: that does mean you love me
Viren: well I have something to say
Jeevika: say it
Viren: I love you
Jeevika smiles and blushes
Jeevika: I love you to
Jeevika and Viren hug
Ishita sees this and gets happy for them
Ishita: lets go Jeevika
Jeevika goes staring at viren
Ishita: someone has stolen your heart o wait is it Viren
Jeevika smiles
Jeevika: lets just go

Precap: Viren calls Jeevika

Poll who is your favorite in the story
Ishra or Virika
My favorite is Jeevika and Viren since before I started watching Yeh hai Mohabatein It was Virika now they both are my favorite

Credit to: aHTAYYAB


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