Ishra and Virika love story part 3


Ishra and virika love story part 2
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1 week leap

Scene 1
Viren is staring at ishita
Raman: finish this file in 2 hours since you can do it
Viren: ok
Raman goes
Viren: jeevika ji wanna go to coffee please day yes
Jeevika: okay
Viren: okay le ts go
Viren and jeevika go to coffee in cafeteria 
Raman comes after 2 hours
Raman doesn’t find Viren there
Raman looks at the file it is unopened
Raman sees Viren at the coffee shop
Raman: Viren I told you to do the job the file is in complete and you are drinking cofee here with her
Viren: Raman
Raman: Viren be quiet and you jeevika you go to a coffee with a man unknown stay at your place don’t go do other things got it
Jeevika teats start to come
Viren: enough Raman you have no respect for a women the truth is you have no feelings I’m sorry jeevika ji
Jeevika leaves
Viren: no emotions for anyone you don’t have
Raman: mind your language
Viren: you should have done it first
Viren leaves leaving Raman thinking

Scene 2
Jeevika tells Ishita everything
Ishita: how dare he Raman Bhalla hate him
Jeevika starts to cry
Jeevika: I only went because Viren ji requested me
Ishita goes to Raman
Ishita: o mr Bhalla how dare you insult jeevika
Raman: you can’t yell at me
Ishita: the truth is you are a big man with no respect from anyone you are crazy mr. Raman Bhalla big name with np respect to women shame on you
Raman: what you
Ishita: I’m not done shut up I will speak today you are crazy
Ishi ta goes leaving Raman shocked

Precap: jeevika and Ishita resign their Jobs

Credit to: aHTAYYAB

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  1. Oh my god… Poor Raman…

  2. Its short…….
    can we have one more episode today plz….????

  3. Raman..????This is not fair…he dnt deserve this much disrespect…

  4. Raman..????This is not fair…he dnt deserve this much disrespect… ????

  5. raman how can he scold jeevika yar….
    plz make longer update …

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    Oh….So Sad for Raman……Uska Band Baj Gaya…….

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