Ishra and Virika love story part 2 (new season)

Ishra and Virika love story (new story) part 2
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Raman is seen talking to SRK
Raman: fine Raj I think your right I should let viren live his life
SRK: Im happy that you realized your mistake
Raman calls Viren
Raman: ja apni zindigi je la (go live your life) marry Jeevika
Viren hugs Raman
Viren hugs SRK
Viren: thanks
Kajol: Ishita what have you decided
Ishita: Jeevika
Jeevika: yes
Ishita: live your life
Jeevika hugs Kajol and Ishita
SRK is driving car toward Jeevika house with Raman and Viren
SRK with them arrive

Viren runs SRK and Raman go behind
Viren: Jeevika
Jeevika runs to him
Gerua plays
Jeevika and Viren hug
SRK sees Kajol and they both walk toward each other
Viren and Jeevika come out of the hug
Jeevika and Viren see SRK and Kajol going towar each other
Jeevika: what happened to Meera ehy is she moving
Viren: Raj
SRK: Its been 15 years I have been looking for you
Kajol: ive been wondering the same
Kajol and SRK hug
Jeevika and Viren get happy that they both had made their love coe true now their story is done
Kajol: I was expecting a sorry for this 15 years you never said
SRK: im sorry then
Kajol: you don’t know hoe tough these 15 years have been for me
SRK: I have been going through this
Kajol: Don’t ever leave me Shahrukh
They all get shocked to hear Shahrukh

Viren: Shahrukh
A reporter comes there
Reporter: heloo welome were interviewing the King of Romance King of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan and with him the lady who has done many movies with Shahrukh Kajol They both have introduced love for us
Everyone gets shocked to know theyre SRK and Kajol
Ishita and Jeevika get excited to see them
After the interview
Jeevika; Shahrukh and Kajol I thank you
Kajol; no need for it were dilwale
Ishita your movie totally rocked

SRK: thank you
SRK: do watch my movie Fan this april and Raees this Eid im trung a new style
Jeevika: we will

Precap” SRK and Kajol leave romance between ishra and virika

A tribute To SRK
Thank you forgiving us these wonderful movies
We owe you big time
Your like lighting anad thunder
You’re the king Badshah of Bollywood you rock in every movie
King of Romance and King of Bollywood here is a tribute to you
A tribute big time to SRK and Kajol
We have you do many more films together
Your awesome we love you

Thanks SRK and Kajol From AHT

Who agrees to tribute please tell me

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