Ishra and Virika love story part 1 (new season)

Ishra and Virika love story part 1 (new season)
Hi everyone im returning to resume this story but its hort due to I work on 2 other stories Ishita Raman ki mohabatein and ishita and Raman love story ‘
Shahrukh khan is talking to Viren
Shahrukh: Viren don’t worry ill make sure your brother agrees
Viren: thanks Raj for doing this
Shahrukh goes to Raman
Shahrukh: Raman yaar don’t ruin your brother love for your wish
Raman: its because of that ishita
Shahrukh: do you think ruining someone life is okay especially if its your brother tell me the truth do you like this ishita
Raman: I need time to think about this

ShahrukhL tomorrow is Valentines day make up your mind already
On the other hand Kajol is saying the same thing to ishita
Ishita: Ill think
Kajol: valentines day is tomorrow so you should agree let your sister live her life
Ishita: fine I agree I let Jeevika live her life fist I need time to think about this

Precap: Raman and ishita agree for viren and Jeevika romantic moments to come
Spoiler: Romantic moments to come Ishra and Virika to realise that raj and meera is Sharukh and Kajol

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