Ishra and Virika love story (continues) intro

Ishita and Virika love story (continues) Intro
Ishita Iyer- a typical business women
Jeevika Iyer- ishita sister who would do anything for the family
Mihika; sister of ishita and jevika goes to work in a business
Vandu- Aa principal at the school
Bala- Husband of Vandu
Amma- Mother of Ishita Jeevika Mihika and Vandu
Amma husband- Husband of Amma
Raman Bhalla- a typical business man has a lot of Anger
Viren Bhalla- a business person who would get things done on time
Mrs. Bhalla: Mother of Raman and Viren
Mr. Bhalla- MRs. Bhalla husband and father of Vuren and Raman

Special apperiences by
Virat Mehra- Viren friend but viren treats him like a brother
Manvi Mehra- Wife of Virat and also a friend of Jeevika
Swamini bua- Bua of Virat and Manvi with strict laws

Intro- This story left off where SRK AND Kajol were trying to reunite the pair that were the stpry will continue if you want this story please comment

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  1. Wat is tht
    Amma husband – husband of Amma ?
    Ha ha ha
    Either keep it as Mr.iyer or viswanathan iyer or appa
    By the way amma is madumitha iyer or madhu
    Continue the story pls….it’s good

  2. countinue ur ff AHT storyline is intresting

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Continue the story…………..something new in it………

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