IshRa: The unique love story…(Epi 2)

Hey guys, I am extremely sorry that I updated the epi so late.
8 years later…
A girl is shown talking with a picture with a garland.
Girl: Mumma, why did you leave huh? Do you know sometimes I feel sad when I see my friend’s mumma adores them, I basically think that I wish you were there, you know papa hates me, I don’t know why, today was our parents teacher meeting and everyone’s mumma/papa came except mine.
A lady knocks the door.
Girl: Come in.
Lady: Ruhi puttar, what are you doing?
Ruhi: I am talking with mumma.
Lady: Did you do the preparation for your exam tomorrow.
Ruhi: Woh dadi, I don’t understand this question in the book.
Dadi(Lady): Let me see.
Dadi looks at the question on the book.
Dadi: Puttar, I don’t understand this as I am getting older and my sight getting weaker, ask Pari.
Ruhi goes to Pari.

Ruhi: Pari di help me with this.
Pari: Its easy, you do this.
Pari shows the demonstration to solve the question.
Ruhi: Thanks Pari di.

Dadi calls Raman on the phone.
Dadi: Puttar, when are you returning?
Raman: I don’t know.
Dadi: Return quickly, Ruhi needs you.
Raman(angry): Ma, I have told you many times to not to take the bad omen’s name.
Dadi: She is not a bad omen she is your daughter.
Raman disconnects the the phone call.
He looks at a picture him and Shagun.
Raman: Because of that girl lost you Shagun, why did you leave me? Why?

Scene shifts to a hospital.
A lady is shown doing a surgery.
She sighs.
Nurse: Congratulations doctor, you delivered the baby.
Lady: Thanks nurse.
She takes the baby in her lap.
Lady: I don’t know why, I have a weird bond with children.
Precap: Ruhi collides with the lady.
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