Ishra – Story of my Life Season 2 (episode 6) last episode


Hi guys hope u guys like it.

Ishita is crying.
Ishita: I am a bad mother. I don’t deserve anything. I left adi and that un born baby. I cant be a good mother always. I should die. I should be alive.
Raman hears this from behind.
Ishita gets up and sees a knife .
Raman sees ishita going near the knife.
Raman: idiot what r u doing.
Ishita: I want to die. None like me. I am an bad mother as u said. I am the bad sin. Ruhi is also not happy. I am not able to give happiness to anyone. Why should I live
Raman: who told u r bad sin or bad mother.
Ishita: u only. But u told correctly.
Raman goes near ishita.
Raman: ishita first u come here.

ishita: u go. I am a bad mother.
Raman understood how his words affected ishita.
Raman makes ishita sit and consoles her.
Raman: ishita see u r not a bad mother. U r a good mother. U know adi misses u so much. pihu needs a mother ishu. No one is superb mother like u.u r a great mother ishu. Don’t say like this.
Ishu: then why did u said like that.
Raman: I said it out of my mind. I didn’t say it from my heart ishu. I am very sorry ishu. Please forgive me.
Ishita: but raman that words keep on hearing in my minds.
Raman: I did wrong ishu. If u wasn’t slap me.
Raman shows his cheek.
Ishita goes to slap him raman gives her a wicked expression but she carases his cheeks.
Ishita: I forgive u mr bhalla.
Raman: really.
Ishita hugs raman and cries lying in his chest.
Raman carased her .
Raman: don’t cry. It will not be god for the baby
Ishita: ok . I wont cry.
Raman: where is another madam who I should apologize.
Ishita: wait.
Ishita: ruhi. Come here na. bring water for me na. raman u hide behind the door.
Ruhi brings water for ishita.

Ruhi: where u crying ishima.
Ishita: no beta.
Ruhi: something has happened ishima say me.
Raman comes from behind and lifts ruhi.
Ruhi: mani uncle leave me na.
Raman: mani nahi ur papa.
Ruhi: papa chodiye. Leave me.
Raman: sorry beta.
Raman leaves ruhi and puts his knee.
Raman: sorry ruhi. I shouldn’t have done like that to ishita. I am sorry very much.
Ruhi: if ishima accepts u , u can. Before saying that ishita was sitting near raman and both was talking holding their hands.
Ruhi: oh. Now I understood.
Ruhi goes to them and hugs them.
Ruhi: I love u ishima and papa.
Ishita: love u too beta.
Raman: love u too ruhi.
Raman: ishita we will go to delhi.
Ishita: yes raman. We will go. Want to see my pihu my baby and adi.
Raman,ishu,ruhi leaves to delhi.

They go to bhalla house.
Mrs bhalla welcomes ishita and ruhi with aarti.
All the iyers and bhallas were present.
All of them hug ishita and ruhi.
But ishita heart was searching for pihu and adi.
Raman brings pihu to ishita.
Ishita holds the baby and cries.
Ishita kisses pihu. Pihu smiles seeing ishita.
Ishita: where Is adi.
Adi: I am here ishima. Adi comes out of hiss room and hugs ishu and ruhi.
Ruhi takes pihu carefully.
Ruhi smiles at the baby.
Ruhi: ur so cute baby. She is like my ishima.
Raman: yes long nose like ishita.
Ishita: raman.

Few days passed by.
Raman cared ishita a lot. He made her eat and took care of her carefully.
Then ishita delivered a boy baby.
The baby was named as ranveer.
Raman,ishita,ruhi,adi,pihu and ranveer lived a happy life forever.

The end.

Credit to: akshaya

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    ishra union was so emotional n beautiful.finally ishra have son named ranveer

  2. Nice one….wish really this was the original YHM

  3. sarayu(honey)

    super story, but feeling sad as it is ended

  4. Cutecutecute episode!! Loved it

  5. Wow amazing…..
    But it ended…??

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    Superbbbbbbbb…… Sooooo Cute…..loved it………

  7. This is better than the original story

  8. Soooooooooo cutei cute end scene dr aki……… it soooooooooo much………..I wish this happenes in the real yhm……….

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