Ishra – Story of my Life Season 2 (episode 5)


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Ishita reaches home.
Ruhi has already arrived from school.
Ruhi: ishima.
Ruhi hugs ishita.
Ishita: ruhi see wheter u like this chudidhar or not
Ruhi: tomato red. My faviourite color ishima.
Ishita: I know ruhi.
ruhi: ishima how was ur day.
Ishita: very good. How was urs?
Ruhi: very good.
Ishita: come on ruhi we will eat and then sleep.
Ruhi ishita and man eats and sleep.

The next day.
Ishita comes out for a walk.
Raman follows her.
Ishita sits in a park.
Raman comes and sits near her.
Ishita: what do u want. Why r u torturing me.
Raman: ishita I am really sorry.
Ishita: leave raman. Saying sorry doesn’t heal things. leave.
Ishita walks away.
Ashok entered.
Ashok came to Bombay learning ishita is there.
Ashok: ishita.
Ishita: what do u want mister.
Ashok: ishita this raman is always like this. that is why no one is ready to live with him.
Ishita stays silent.
Ashok: ishita don’t forgive him. He is an egostic person. He is always like this only. He is keeping u only for timepass.
Ishita: that’s it right. leave.
Ashok holds ishita’s hand.
Raman sees this from behind.
He was at his peak of his anger.
He moves towards them.
Ishita didn’t notice raman coming.
Ishita: u don’t have anything to speak about him ashok. Who r u. u r an pshyco . u r defaming him. First correct urself before saying others.
Ashok: why r u supporting him ?
Ishita: cause he is my husband. whatever fights we have will be solved. U mind ur own business and please don’t speak tome like this.
Ishita leaves.
Ashok fumes and leaves.
Raman was in peak of excitemet.
In excitement he starts dancing.
Badtameezil dil plays.
All at the park was seeing his dance and puts coins to him.
Raman then controls and goes to his hotel.
Raman: this much trust and love u have ishita. I love u my dear .

ishita: muruga why I supported him. I am confused muruga. I can still hear his words. He doesnt know at what position I was when he told me like that. I felt like to jump from a top of hill.
Ishita has tears.
Mani comes towards ishita.
Mani: why r u denying urself ishita. u love him right.
Ishu: nothing like that mani.
Mani: say looking through my eyes.
Ishita looks at mani and starts crying.
Ishita: seeing him I want to hug him and cry resting in his chest mani. I wanted to shout to him and say how I feel excited in being pregnant again. I want to shout this is my best gift ever mani. But I couldn’t do that mani because of that words . I am hearing that words again and again. U r a bad mother. Selfish person. I am a very bad luck. I am a sin in his life. Everything mani.
Mani: ishita leave it. dont stress urself
Ishita: u know I am missing the new brn baby and adi also so much. I don’t how r they and anything about them. I miss them so much. I am holding myself from meeting them. I am a bad mother mani.
Mani gets out of the room.
Mani calls raman and asks him to come to home.
Ishita keeps on crying.
Raman comes there.


Credit to: akshaya

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  1. Ishu still loves her ravan Kumar a lot….
    That really cool dr………today episode is fabulous…..

    1. thank u so much ude dhi

  2. jasmine Rahul

    ashok trying 2 brainwash ishita.glad tht ishita gave him a nice reply.raman danced in that happiess n ppl gave him funny.cant wait 4 ishra union epi

  3. jasmine Rahul

    i’ve asked some questions on pt4.please reply

    1. hey it is a short story . not big as i am alive. thank u so much jasmine rahul and i am planning to start that ove never dies story after completing i am aalive as it is very hard to type 3 ff at a time. i posted onlyfirst episode i am planning to start it again from intro again so that it will be continous

      1. jasmine Rahul

        Is I am alive going 2 end soon?
        Were u not writing another Ishra Arshi ff too like love is beautiful or something?4got d title

  4. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Superbbbbbbbb…… I loved it……..

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