Ishra – Story of my Life Season 2 (episode 4)


Hi guys I know u all have missed this ff so much.
Sorry for this delay.may of u r so angry at me. i will surely be regular hereafter. so sorry guys. please forgive me.

Recap: ishita saves ruhi. Ruhi asks ishita not to let her go to raman. They both go to Mumbai. Raman sees ruhi . ruhi confronts him for his mistake. Raman is very upset and decides to apologize to ishita.

Ishita opens the door.
Raman was standing there.
Raman: sorry ishita. I am really sorry. I spoke that words without knowing. Please forgive me ishita.
Ishita: raman please go out. U don’t have any connection with me. for me ruhi and this baby is enough.
Raman: ishita I spoke that words when I learnt ruhi is dead. U know right how much I love ruhi and I was not able to digest the fact.
Ishita: u don’t know how much I suffered raman. Get out of my house.
Raman: ishita ,please listen.
Ishita: ruhi ask him to leave.
Ruhi: papa leave.
Raman leaves in tears.
Ishita breaks.
Why did he do like this. first scoulding em and now apologizing.
She cries.
Ruhi wipes her tears.
Ishita: ruhi.
Ruhi: ishima u should not cry for this matters and all. I am with u so don’t worry.
Ishita: ok baby. I wont cry . ok.
Ishita hugs ruhi.
Mani: ishita don’t cry.
Ishita: ok mani.
Ishita goes inside her room.

Raman informs bhalla family about ishita and ruhi.
Bhalla gets happy learning that ruhi is alive.

Raman thinking how to convince ishita.
Raman: ishita I am sorry ishita. I am very sorry. I didn’t do it wantedly. He cries thinking about ishita.
He recalls his past moments.
ishita sees raman hugging a girl.
She goes in between them and breaks the hug.
Ishita: raman don’t talk to me. hey u girl who r u.
The girl hides her face.
Ishita : how dare u hug my husband. U idiot.
She removes her face shall.
Ishita: mihir.
Raman laughs.
Ishita: this is not fair. Both r always drama king. Don’t talk to me raman.
Raman: ishita , just for a fun yaar.
Ishita: fun. So now this is also for fun yaar. Don’t talk to me.
Raman: ishu please stop. i did it for a game.
Ishita hugs raman.
Ishita: don’t u ever do like this. if u ever did like this that will be my last day.
Raman closes her mouth.
Raman: don’t say like this. that da will never come for u until I am with u.
Ishita: I love u raman.
Raman: I love u ishita.
They both hus each other.
Flash back ends.( guys this is a small part I added apart from original yhm)

The next day.
Ruhi and mani leaves to school.
Ishita feels very bored and decides to go out.
She goes to ullhas nagar and do shopping.
She eats chat and crosses the road without seeing the opposite vehicle.
The vehicle was coming closer to ishtia and ishita sees this and is shocked and tries to run but someone saved her.
It was none other than our raman.
Raman was holding ishita..
Ishita was breathing very heavily.
Raman carased her and gave her water and calmed her down.
Raman: ishita calm down.
Ishita became normal .
Raman: don’t u have any sense. U should see at both sides before crossing door.
Ishita: I know . why do u care for me. u r the only one said me to go out right. u didn’t care for em at that time right.
Raman: ishita.
Ishita:stop it. Bye.
Raman: yes yaar. It is my mistake. I accepted right I was wrong then why r u doing this much over.
Ishita: what an person r u. I hate u to the core ishita.
Raman: I love u ishita.
Ishita leaves in an auto.
Raman follows her.


Credit to: akshaya

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    raman apologized n even saved her.still ishita isnt ready 2 4give him.loved d fb scene of mihir disguised as woman with raman n ishita jealous n fighting with them n ending up confessing luv 2 each other.

    Is this a short story or a long ff like I am alive?
    Y r u not updating ur other Ishra arshi ffs?

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Superbbbbbbbb…………..

  3. Ufff awesome
    I was waiting for this ff

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