Ishra – Story of my Life Season 2 (episode 3)


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Raman arrives at Mumbai.
Ishita phones mani.
Ishita: mani its very boring yaar.
Mani: then I will send u a car go out wherever u want and return back before night. Ok?
Ishita: ok my dear friend. Thank u so much. ruhi and Aliya is also there so she will look after me bye. Send the car soon.
Ruhi:plan on ishima.
Ishita: plan on ruhi.
Aliya ishu ruhi did a hifi
Mani sends a car.
So they take the car and go around Mumbai.

Ishita: ruhi see this is gateway of india. And this taj hotel.
Ruhi: ishima today there is more heat so driver uncle please take us to any mall.
Aliya: yes ma. U shouldn’t travel. U r very weak. We will go to mall.
Ishita: in delhi itself we have so many malls.
Ruhi: ishima obey me. U shouldnot travel in this car as the temperature is very high, eventhough ac is there. Uncle drive to car.
Driver drives to a mall.
Ishita: driver one second we didn’t have any lunch so drive the car to the hotel which is next to the mall. We will eat Italian food my ruhi’s faviourite and then we will go to mall and even watch movie. Ok Aliya and ruhi.
Ruhi: thank u so much ishima.
They go to that hotel. Which was a big restuarent.
Raman came there to attend a meeting.
Ishita orderds food for ruhi, Aliya and herself.
Aliya: ma , thank u so much for coming to my lifr. I got a mother because of u.
Ishita: Aliya no need of these sentiments. Ok. u r one of my daughter. Ok.
Aliya: ok.

The food came.
At the same side raman was speaking about a contract.
Ruhi: can u get me 2 glass of butter milk please.
Ishita: orders 2 glass of butter milk.
All have their lunch while talking.
Raman hears their talking and is shocked to see ishita there.
Ishita: ruhi enough ma. I am not able to eat.
Ruhi: ishima drink buttermilk.
Ishita drinks buttermilk.
Ishita: ruhi madam ok?
Ruhi: ok.
Ishita: Aliya u r eating very slow come and sit near me. Come.
Aliya goes near ishita.
Ishita feeds to Aliya.
Raman is shocked to see ruhi.
Raman: ruhi. U r alive. Is it dream or real.
Contractor: what happened raman?
Raman: postpone the meeting to tomorrow. Ok.
Contactor: ok.
Raman leaves to go near ishita table but ishita turns and leaves to go to mall.
Ishita: driver go to mall.
They go to mall.
The go to watch movie in the mall.
The movie is fan( guys this is 2 months after . which is at may.)
Ishita ruhi and Aliya are watching the movie.
Raman also sits in the back side of seat.
Ishita has vomiting sensation.
Ishita: ruhi why r u doing like this. see now I am going to vomit whatever I have eaten. She says this to herself.
They finished watching the movie and went to shopping.
Raman follows them.

Ruhi sees raman.
Raman: ruhi.
Ruhi: why u came here. just leave this place.
Raman: what happened ruhi. Why r u so angry at me.
Ruhi: how dare u do like that. please don’t come before ishima. All her happiness will be spoiled. She is trying to smile now only after this 2 months. U didn’t care about her na? how can u papa.
Raman: ruhi leave all that . tell me first how u escaped.
Ruhi: I jumped out of the car before it bursted and I fainted as my head hit in a stone. Ishima coincidently came that time and saw me and admitted me to the hospital.
Raman: then why did she not take u to me. she is very selfish.
Ruhi: I was the one who compelled her not to go there. I don’t want ishima to stay in the place who called her bad mother.

Raman: ruhi …
Aliya calls ruhi.
Ruhi: coming Aliya. And u don’t come in front of her.
Raman; please forgive me ruhi.
Ruhi: I am not the one to forgive u. u know how much she suffered. She cries atleast once a day thinking about ur words. When everyone says her banch how will u support and feel for her. think when u itself say that u r unfit for becoming mother.
How will she feel right. it is not great that when u supported her when she was in jail or when u rescued her from death. It is great that u should support her weakness. U too r same like others. What is the difference between u and others then. But my ishima is the best ma. U don’t know her value . don’t ever call her bad mother or anything like she is not having baby as she is unfit for becoming mother. I amthere for her and Aliya is also there. The new baby is also there . so pleaseleave.
Ruhi goes from that place.
Raman cries seeing ruhi going.
Raman: ruhi I didn’t realise my mistake I am very sorry. I am very sorry ishita. Without knowing I did it. I am sorry.
Ruhi goes to ishita.
Ishita: what happened ruhi?
Ruhi:nothing ishima.
Ishita: ok ruhi. Wait for u strawberry milk shake and vanilla milk shake with chocolate for Aliya.ok.
Aliya: wow ma. Superb.
Ruhi: ok ishima.
After shopping they went home.
Raman follows them to home.
Mani already arrived.
Mani: hello ishita madam welcome.
Ishita: mani…… let me inside na.
Aliya: pa let ma inside she is very tired.
Mani: so sorry, just for fun.
Ruhi: mani uncle I need to speak a secret with me.
Mani: what ruhi madam.
Ruhi: come inside na.
She goes inside with mani.
Ruhi: uncle I saw papa here.
Mani: what.
Ruhi says everything to mani.
Mani: I am very happy for u ruhi. Ishita is very lucky to have a daughter like u. I am very proud of u ruhi.
Ruhi: she is my mother. Who will support her then. Uncle don’t say this to ishita right.
Mani: sure. Ok.
Ruhi and mani did hifi.
They come out.
Ishita: what is the matter?
Mani: its our secret.
Someone rings the bell.
Ishita goes to openthe door.
She was shocked to see raman there.


Credit to: akshaya

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  4. jasmine Rahul

    Raman saw Ishita n Ruhi 2gether.Wow!Loved Raman Ruhi confrontation.It was too good.loved Ruhi.Ruhi n Mani hid it from Ishita.But raman reached there in search of them n Ishra met.what will happen now?

    plz update ur other ff on IF.I want to read it from d beginning.its a request

  5. jasmine Rahul

    Raman saw Ishita n Ruhi in the restaurant.Raman ruhi confrontation was too good.Ruhi is the best.Tho Mani Ruhi hid it from Ishita Raman reached there in search of them n Ishra what will happen?

  6. jasmine Rahul

    plz update ur other ff on IF.I want to read it from d beinning.Its my request

    1. jasmine rahul. i will surely post my ff from sunday on indian forrums. so sorry. i am going to a tour so sorry.

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