Ishra – Story of my Life Season 2 (episode 2)

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Ishita: ruhi, but what can we do about adi and that small baby.
Ruhi: papa will take care and ishima my decision is final.
Ishita and ruhi get visa and r leaving to airport to reach US.
In airport.
While ishita is entering the flight, she faints.
Ruhi: ishima, ishima getup.
She tries waking her up.
The airport doctor checks ishita.
Doctor: beta , ur mother cannot travel long please cancel this trip. She is so weak. Care must be needed. She should be in rest.
Ruhi: ok doctor.

Ishita regains consciousness.
Ishita: ruhi.
Ruhi: ishima we don’t need to go to US. We will go some where in india itself.
Ishita and ruhi leave the airport and book a room in hotel.
Ruhi: ishima have this food.
Ruhi feeds ishita.
Tere dil ko plays…………..
Ishita: thank u ruhi so much. I am proud of being ur mother.
Ruhi: have this tablets.
Ishita smiles and haves it.
Ishita: ruhi , we will go to Bombay ?
Ruhi: y Bombay?
Ishita: I think mani is there only.
Ruhi: nice idea ishima but…….
Ishita: he wont take it wrong. He is my best friend.
Ruhi: ok ishima.
Ishita calls mani.
Mani: hi ishita , I am very sorry for u. I heard everything. Do u need any help.
Ishita: where r u?
Mani: Bombay.
Ishita: can I come there.
Mani: ur most welcome.
Ishita: thank u so much mani. Actually I planned to go to US but I fainted in the plane so they told me that long journey should not be taken.
Mani: u don’t need to give me reasons ishita. Come here without thinking.
Ishita: I booked my flight, arriving at 8 pm. Ok .
Mani: now only u asked me right.
Ishita: I booked while talking to u.
Mani: ok madam come fast.
Ishita: don’t say to anyone , promise.
Mani: promise.
He cuts the call.

Ruhi and ishita reach Mumbai.
Mani welcomes them.
Mani gets shocked seeing ruhi.
Mani: ruhi. How?
Ishita explains everything.
Mani: meet Aliya ruhi.
Ruhi: hi Aliya.
Aliya: hi.
They go to home.

All the kids sleep.
Mani: ishita why r u so worried?
Ishita: I don’t know what I am doing mani. U know how much he hurted me. I cannot bear anything. Its like having a burden in my head. She starts crying.
Mani: ishu don’t cry yaar. Nothing will happen.
Ishita: my worry is all about my baby. I am so weak yaar. I cannot come out of that incident.
Mani: ishu relax ok. sleep now. We will speak everything tomorrow.
Ishita: I need a job in hospital.
Mani: no take rest.
Ishita: how can I manage yaar?
Mani: I will spend for u.
Ishita: that wont be fine.
Mani: ishu, u r like my mom , friend and everything.
Ishita: I will repay u when I once go again to job ok.
Mani: ok. good idea.go and sleep.
Ishita goes to sleep.

2 months pass by.
Ruhi and aliya was going to school.
Ishita was at house.
Mani was going to office and looking after ishita.
But still too ishita was upset.
Remembering raman’s word.

Mani seeing ishita upset plans to do call to amma and speak.
He calls amma.
Mani gives to ishita saying they wsh to speak to u.
Ishita: hello who is it.
Amma: hello u only called.
Ishita was shcked hearing amma voice.
Ishita: amma.
Amma: ishu. She starts crying.
Ishita: don’t cry amma.
Amma: ishu , how r u?
Ishu: fine ma. How is everyone there?
Amma: fine. how is ur baby?
Ishita: baby is fine but doctor said that I am weak and should be at rest.
Amma: ishu u come here ma. I will take care of u.
Ishita: ma I cannot come to the place where they have hurted me. I cannot still forgot those words. It keeps on coming on my mind.
Amma: ishu where r u?
Ishu: amma, don’t ask that ma. Please.
Amma: I want to see u.
Ishu: bye amma.
Ishu cuts the call.
Ishu: mani why mani.
Mani: u feel relaxed now.
Ishu: yes but.
Mani: forget all.
Ishu: ok. I am going inside the room.

At the bhalla house.
Amma comes and says the news..
Mrs bhalla: thank god she is fine.
Amma: I asked here to come here. but she refused. She told that she is so weak. She starts crying.
Mrs bhalla: don’t cry. She will definitely come a day.
Amma: where is raman.
Mrs bhalla: inside.
Amma: ok I will leave.
Amma leaves.
Mrs bhalla informs the news to raman.
Raman was taking care of that baby. The baby name was radhika.
Raman : amma don’t talk about her to me. I am going to Mumbai for a meeting and u should look after radhu for 5 days.
Mrs bhalla: ok raman.
Raman gets ready and leaves.


Credit to: akshaya


  1. ude

    It really really really really awesome my dr………….love ruhi’s caring towards her ishima…………I don’t know why the writer’s and ekta mam separated such a beautiful Bond………. Hats off to u………..

  2. jasmine Rahul

    Since Ishita needs rest she wasnt allowed 2 travel a long she n Ruhi went 2 Bombay n r with Mani.Glad that mani informd ishu’s family abt her.Iyers n Bhallas r relieved that ishita is fine.But Raman isnt bothered.He named their daughter Radhika,not Pihu.Raman going 2 Bombay.Will Ishra meet n will they unite?

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