Ishra – Story of my Life Season 2 (episode 1)


hi guys. i am continuing this story after ruhi’s death. please do comment as it encourages me.
i hope u all like this.

so the characters are same
this things are all happening after ruhi’sdeath
raman: ishita u r a bad mother. how dare u do like that. i asked u that many time to not call abhishek.
why did u do like that. u dont even deserve to be a mother. the mistake i did is marrying u. how can u do like this ishita.
get out of my house and my life. dont ever show ur face to me .
ishita was heart broken hearing his words.
she faints ……….

raman didnt care for her.
but he couldnt stop himself from helping her.
he lifted her and went to iyer home and made her to lie in the bed and went out of that house.
bala calls the doctor.
doctor checks her .
doctor: congrats . she is pregnant. take proper care of her. she should be in rest only.
doctor leaves.
ishita wakes.
ishita: what happened.
amma: u r pregnant.
ishita: i am going .
amma: take rest .
ishita: dont stop me. i am going some where. i cant live in this place
with full of guilts. but i promise u that i wont do anything to the baby.
ishita leaves in her car with her purse only.
ishita goes to the place where ruhi’s death happened.
ishita cries and shouts ruhi.
ishita:it has been 1 hr since u left me ruhi.why u left ur ishima. u promised me right that u wont leave me.

u only left me and go. everyone is blaming me as a bad mother.yes i am a bad mother
i have lost u right. please coe back ruhi. i love u so much.
ishita hears some sound in the near bushes.
she goes there.
ishita was shocked seeing ruhi there.
ishita cries happily.
ishita: ruhi……
she takes ruhi and admits her in the hospital.
ruhi had little injuries only but she fainted as her head hit in a stone when she jumed out of the car pushing niddhi.
doctor cures her.
in bhalla house.
amma tells the news to the bhallas.
mrs bhalla: where is ishita?
amma: she went some where promising me that she will surely look after the baby well.
raman was very angry at ishita and also happy that she got pregnant.

the next day
at hospital
ruhi: ishima.
ishita: ruhi.
ruhi: where is papa ishima.
ishita says her everything happened.
ishita keeps ruhi’s hand on her stomach.
ishita: ruhi as u wished i am pregnant.
ruhi cries happily.
ruhi: ishima we dont need to go there. even though i love all of them . we dont need to go.
i cannot bare anyone saying my ishima as bad.. take me to some where else ishima. we will go some where else.
ishita: i am very happy to get a daughter as u. i love u ruhi. without u i am not there.but what about the little baby and adi who is there.
ruhi: papa will take care of it. come ishima


Credit to: akshaya

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  1. Wow awesome
    Plz update daily.
    Its awesome

    1. thank u safu

  2. Beautiful storyline.. Hope it would have happened in the current track.. Continue ur ff soo good..

    1. thank u varsha

  3. awwwsome ………. i love it plz update next episode nd dont… stop this ff really superr…………

    1. thank u harshu

  4. Hey superb yaar,if I am correct, u r from chennai…And u completed 12th

    1. thank u kv. yes i am from chennai but i completed 10th

  5. Yeah. .plz upload daily. ..good job. ..

    1. Thank u radhika so much

  6. Gud one
    Very touching

    1. Thank u rapanzuel

  7. I like this story because ruhi back to ishita we want this story

    1. Thank u neha

    1. Thank u reshma pradeep

  8. Amazing!! I am kind of a ghost reader but you are doing an amazing job!

    1. Thank u reena

  9. Akshaya I say this from the depth of my heart………..ekta must ask advice from u or even she must just copy ur ff because it’s truly awesome and very heart touching ff………please continue it…….it’s better to Read ur ff than reading the real yhm.

    1. Ude thank u so much. U r encouraging me a lot
      Thank u so much my dear friend

  10. See, I would suggest u that Ishitaa and Ruhi going to US and Raman should try to stop them…but overall, the story is very good. Infact I really loved it

    1. Thank u prithvi.

  11. suerb yaar. Go ahead akshaya….. I’m waiting 4 ur next episode. Plz update it soon.

    1. it’s not suerb it’s superb.

  12. jasmine Rahul

    raman still cared 4 ishita n made her lie down on the bed when she fainted.that was nice.Ishita is preg n she got Ruhi

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