ishra story of my life episode 9


Hi sorry for the late update. I am sorry as I couldn’t post since I am having board exams .
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Ishita is speaking in tamil in phone.
Ishita: appoinments ah naliku fix pannu ok va?
Raman: what is she speaking nalaiku what is this?
Ishita: radhu ,do u want to go to beach?
Radhu: ye ma.
Ishu: come lets go.
They go to beach and enjoy a lot.

Radhu and ravi went to shore to play leaving raman and ishita alone.
Raman: ishita,how r u?
Ishita: better than before.
Raman: so u r better after I came to Chennai right.
Ishita: stop ur nonsense.
Raman: what u want ?
Ishita: stay away from me.
Raman: ok ishita in a teasing manner.
Ishita: stop it raman.
Raman: what should I stop.
Ishita: ur idiotic speech.
Raman: oh ishita , I am tired,I am going to have a pani puri do u want.
Ishita: no I will have myself.
Raman and ishita goes to the same shop.
Ishita: enaku oru samosa chenna.
Raman: can I have a pani puri.
Shop keeper: enna soldraru ivau. Yen ma ivaru enna soldraru,edho hindi la pesuraru pola.
Ishita smiles seeing raman.
Ishita: avanuku oru panni puri venuma.
Shopkeeper: oh .

Raman haves pani puri and pays.
Raman: cha inda Chennai orey veyil ah irukuthey.
Ishita was shocked hearing this.
Ishita: do u know tamil?
Raman: of course. I learnt it in the few months.
Ishita: oh .
Radhu and ranveer came.
Ishita: come lets leave.
They all left to the house.
Ishita house.
Ishita: what has happened ,I switched oned the lights and only na I went?
Subbu: surprise ishita………
Ishita: subbu……..
Ishita hugs subbu.
Raman feels jeaous.
Ishita: were is ravi ur son?
Subbu: he is there..
Radu ranvi and shravan went inside the room.
Ishita: subbu come lets have dinner.
Raman: subbu…
Subbu: u here?
Raman: yes.
Ishita: all come for dinner.
All eat dinner.
Subbu leaves..

Raman: u r still in contact with subbu.
Ishita: yes . he is my best friend.
Raman fumes in anger.
Ishita smiles seeing his anger.


Credit to: akshaya

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