ishra story of my life episode 8

hi hope u guys like it.
Raman was searching ishu for past 2 month but he couldn’t find her.

Raman came to attend a meeting in Chennai.his car had break down near west mambalam railway station.
Raman: oh god driver , how can I attend the meeting.
Driver: u better go by train.
Raman: thanks which place I should go. ?
Driver: chrompet.
Raman: ok ok. I will go.
Raman goes and buys ticket.
He was confused which train he has to go.
Raman: excuse me which side train I should catch for going to chrompet?
Man: right side train.
Raman: thank u .oh my god train has arrived . he gets into the train.
Raman sees ishita in the opposite train coming . he was shocked.
She got down the train and left the station.
Raman was going to follow her but the train started moving.
Raman omg what can I do the train started moving………
Raman attends the meeting .

Ishita goes to her house.
Ishita: I am back ranvi and radhu.
Ranvi: how was ur banglore trip ma?
Ishu: very good. See I have bought ur fav things there have it.
Radhika: ma, can we go some where out. It is quite boring here.
Ishu: yes radhu we will go some where. But where?
Radhu: I want to go to beach.
Ishu: great idea radhu we will go evening as it will be very hot during day time. But we are leaving now. We will go to mal and then go to beah. Is it ok?
Ranvi: great idea ma ,we will be ready .
Ishu ranvi and radhu left in their car.

Raman calls bhalla house and tells about ishita living in Chennai.
Raman: I want to go to a mall.
driver: why sir.
Raman: I want to buy necessary clothes for living in Chennai.
Driver: I will take u to EA .
Raman: ok take me there.
Ishita also arrives there. She parks her car and they moves into the mall.
Ishita: ranvi and radhu this is an famous mall in Chennai. Ranvi and koyal I am taking u to funcity,u can play any game there,till that I will purchase dress for u and leaves ranvi and radhu there.

Ishita enters to a cloth store. Raman also enters there.
Ishita: sir can I have jeans of size 28.
Raman also comes to the same jeans section.
Raman : can I have jeans of size 36.
Ishita wow this is perfect for my ranvi.
Raman sees the name ranvi and sees ishita.
Ishita: please bill this .
Ishita turns and sees raman ,she gets shocked
Ishita: u here?
Raman: thank god at last I saw u. I have been searching for u past 2 months.
Ishita: for me? Who r u ?
Raman: I am raman kumar bhalla. I have been searching my wife.
Ishita: please don’t start it again. Please go . don’t come before me and leaves.
Ishita buys dress for radhika and she goes to fun city.
Raman follows her.
Ishita: ranvi and radhu over playing games?
Ranvi: ha ishima over.
Radhu: I enjoyed a lot.
Ishita: come lets have anything to eat.
Radhu: ishima papa. Over there.
Ranvi: yes ishima papa is there.
Ishita turns and sees raman.
She goes towards raman
Ishita: I asked u to not follow me right. Why r u doing this. U don’t want me to live peacefully.
Raman: yes I am following u. I wont leave u to live peacefully without me. I love u so much yaar.
Ishita: u love me. But I didn’t love u. my love broke that day itself and I am not ready to accept ur love again.
Raman: so u wont love me right?
Ishita: yes I wont love u .
Raman: challenge?
Ishita: why u need this challenge , I wont love u for sure but I accept ur challenge.
Radhu and ranvi hugs raman.
Raman: ishita can I stay in ur house for some days.
Ishita: how dare u ask like that ?
Radhu: maaa please let papa stay there.
Ishita : ok ask him to come home.
Raman: take me directly with u ishu ,I have purchased all my things.
Ishita: ok.
All the four leave in car.
They go to the house.


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  1. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb Episode ……..I just loved it………

    1. Thank u reshma pradeep

  2. Hai I’m surprised because u wrote a story in chennai based place.. .I’m huge fan for Yhm.. But I feel no fans in chennai for Yhm now I’m happy

    1. thank u kokila even i am also living in chennai

  3. Oh that nice… I’m studying in ethiraj collage… I’m so happy i got fan in chennai

    1. Thank u

  4. Hey akshaya,I am also living in chennai,in same area…I really loved ur ff a lotttttt,Eagerly waiting for next one,update soon yaar..I am also a huge fan of yhm

    1. Thank u kv. U r living in which area in west Mambalam?. Thank u I will update it tomorrow

  5. In aryagowda Road…R u in fb??

    1. no i am not. i am also in west mambalam.

  6. Ho,kk..Wen will u upload ur next one ma,I am waiting

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