ishra story of my life episode 7

hi bope u like it.
ishita thinking what can she do . mrs. bhalla wants ranvi and radhu but not me
why is this happening to me .no one believes me.what can i do.
shagun : ishita dont worry,nothing is going to happen.
ishita: i am planning of what to do next. if i be here they will definitely take ranvi and radhu from me.
ranvi:amma u r right. we will go somewhere. i dont want to be with a family who disrespects u.
shagun: yes ishita u go.
ishita: i dont know wheter radhu will come?
radhika comes out of the ward.
radhu: ma i want u only not anyone . please take me also.
shagun: ishu take ranvi and radhu and go wherever u want.
ishita: i will speak to doctor and take here.
doctor gives approval
ishita,ranvi,radhu leaves the city and goes to chennai.
ishita: ranvi and radhu i taught u tamil right here u can speak tamil.

ranvi: amma where r we going to stay.
ishita: west mambalam.
they go to their new house.
radhu: superb house ma.
ishita: ok come pack ur bags.
ranvi: amma we should apply in school right
ishita: i have applied for u in jawahar vidyalaya. they accepted.
radhu: amma very tired ma.
ishita: ok u can go to school tomorrow.

in shagun house.
raman comes in.
raman: where is radhu,ranvi and ishu shagun.
shagun: raman actually they left the city.
ramna: why. where they left.
shagun: she didnt tell me where she was going.
raman: why did u let her go ?
shagun: ranvi suggested ishu that they will go somewhere and even i supported him.
shagun: why shagun?
shagun: atleast there she can be peaceful without ur tortures. she knows that mrs.bhalla will surely take ranvi and radhu away.
raman: hey. ok bye i have to go.
raman come out and starts thinking

in bhalla house.
raman: maa because of u ishita left the city.
mrs.bhalla: why did she leave?
raman: because of u . she got afraid that u were asking radhu and ranvi.
mrs bhalla: i just wanted to compromise she didnt. i wanted ur life to be good .
thta is why i black mailed her to give radhu and ranvi so she may get united with u.
raman: ma. why are u doing like this. it is our fault completely . we did the mistake of not
believing ishita. now if u go realising ur mistake how can she forgive u . is it easy for her?
she needs time maa. we should prove her that we r believing her. amma told her that she went bad.
the fact is we only became bad. she is very pure ma. i believe her now. i amde a mistake.
i commited a sin by believing ashok. she is our god ma protecting our family. please believe her ma

mrs.bhalla: yes raman.i realise my mistake. i will wait. please find her.
raman: covince amma and everyone here. its ur duty. i will fid her any how.

2 months pass by. raman searching ishita ..


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